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Big Brother's Little Brother: Cheeky Girls mum Margit

We're not crazy about George "the" Lamb here at Panto, but we do rather like Margit, the Cheeky Girls' mum. So we hope you'll enjoy seeing how accurate (or otherwise) her 'psychic predictions' about the house were...

Big Brother: Maysoon quits!

may.jpgThe question on all our lips is.... will anyone notice? Model Maysoon has walked out after a day of complaining she wasn't having fun. Viewers who've already voted for her will get a full refund, although I'm not sure why - surely they're the ones who are most happy with this turn of events? Big Brother should reimburse everyone who hasn't decided who they'd like to see go this week or indeed whether they even want to vote. People like me.

So, here's the obituary bit...

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Big Brother - Keith Lemon's opinions!

kle.jpgAh, it's always good to hear Big Brother opinions from someone who's clearly never watched the show, but Keith Lemon claims to have been revising for when he has to present "Big Brother's Mouth". Anyway, this clip is pretty funny. "For someone carrying so much timber, she's very 'appy about the fact she's carrying timber" "That Luke - he doesn't know the different between a tuppence and a tallywacker". You get the picture.

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Big Brother: Rachel's audition tape shocks Angels

rach0.jpgBig Brother played the Hell housemates' audition clips to the Heaven team last night, and shocked them all with her, um, outrageous antics. For some reason the lads all took a shine to her. Mo said: "I like that Rachel." Mikey called her "a real sexpot", and Rex noted that "She was shaking her hair, pushed her boobs up then turned around and got her bum out."

All of which makes you wonder if they were watching the same video really. Clip over the turn, if you can bear it...

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Britain's Got Talent - Snooker dog Blue dies

sfo.jpgI'm not mourning this one on my own, I'm dragging you lot down with me. I'm afraid poor old Blue is no longer with us. He has been accidentally killed by his owner Geoff Davies. Davies told The Sun: "Blue was up to his normal tricks, chasing a JCB I was driving. It was such a warm day he took cover under a tractor. I moved from the JCB to the tractor.

I didn't know he was under the wheels. As soon as I realised what had happened I was horrified. It was too late to call the vet, so I sat with him while he drifted off." He added: "Of all the things, I was the one who ran him over."

Let's remember Blue by watching the clip of him 'playing snooker', overleaf...

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Reality TV "I'm not here to make friends" montage

Possibly my fave thing about this clip (which comes from here incidentally) is how LONG it is. Which leads to the disturbing question of how long it took to make. Worth it though, even if he spent his whole life on it. A wonderful legacy to be buried with.

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Big Brother: Belinda's gone...

Oh Belinda, Belinda. We won't really miss you. But you have GOT TO LOVE THE SNORING. I mean, wow! Is she definitely humanoid? Some kind of terrible accident in the lab with a pig, a chainsaw and that dodgy particle transmogrifying machine Jeff Goldblum uses in The Fly? Let's see it again.

New US reality show will make you Hurl!

hurl.jpgStephen King predicted horrific reality shows like The Running Man for a 21st century dystopia. But the future turned out to be even scarier than he foresaw. It's 2008 and what have we got? We've got a new show which involves people stuffing themselves then trying not to be sick in the hope of winning some money. The biggest eaters are rolled around in metal rings until they throw up. I swear I am not making this up. What's it all for? £500, and the glamour, presumably. If you've been running low on puke puns lately, stock up over on the Hurl website, and there's a trailer over the page...

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Classic Reality TV: watch Kerry and Jordan in the jungle

Remember when Jordan and Kerry were kind of cute and adorable? Back when men were men and Kerry was a McFadden? When Jordan and Kerry were IN THE JUNGLE TOGETHER? I know, right? Seems like a lifetime ago. But here they are, munching on bush cockroaches, before the curse of the jungle, and Peter Andre, struck...

Classic Big Brother: Watch Nikki's audition video

"I think I'm just special. Special". We can't argue with that. Check out this oddly cute video of BB7's Nikki in a funny hat, long before she had any kind of fame. She's actually something of a natural on camera. I don't mean to sound surprised.

Mario, you have been evicted...

Hey, we lost a Mario. But we gained a house without Mario in it. One more time, kids, let's watch Mario's demise.

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Big Brother 3 - watch the housemates go in

A blast from the past for you, today. Remember back in 2002, when there were only about 10 people in the crowd and they had to whoop REALLY LOUD to make it seem like loads of people were there? And all the cars just pulled up on the kerb and they all got out at the same time?! Mental. Here's the first time Jade Goody was introduced to the house, and the world. What do you think? Shall we keep her?