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Reality news in the tabloids: More money for judges, more attention for Louis, less phone selling for Paul Potts

lou1.jpgThe Strictly Come Dancing judges want more monies... I think they're a bit jealous of the X Factor judges, who get paid 10 times what they do, and also, as it happens, want more monies.

Paul Potts has decided to take the plunge and give up his phone selling job. The Sun says: "He was on extended leave as he toured the world performing to thousands, but was too scared to resign in case it had all been a DREAM". For heaven's sakes.

"They've managed to mess it up completely." Hmm? What's Louis Walsh's beef with Rock Rivals, I wonder? "There's far more drama on the X Factor in any week than there's likely to be in this whole series. I was so excited when I sat down to watch it. I expected it to be great. I had spent a whole day on set doing a cameo and they cut me." Aha. I think we have encountered what's known as "the rub".

Reality TV gossip: Abi's book, Rivals' ratings, Kerry's tricks, Chris's tour

tits.jpgMumsy former page 3 girl Abi Titmus is set to release an autobiography, of all things. Talking of ghost-written autobios, there's an entertaining new Amazon review up on Jordan's new book.

Oh dear, sounds like Rock Rivals might be a ratings miss. The new ITV talent show-inspired drama has only hauled in 3.9 million viewers. Great headline from the Guardian there, though. Almost makes it all worthwhile, eh producers?

Kerry Katona blackmailed her dad or something.

And we'll all sleep well tonight, safe in the knowledge that Chris Fountain will go to the ball! i.e The Dancing on Ice tour. Phewee.

Rock Rivals - coming soon!

Alright the acting's a bit ropey, but doesn't it look so deliciously, ooooh, tabloid?! The new X Factor-inspired drama Rock Rivals begins on March 5th, ITV1.

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Panto Poll: Will you be watching Rock Rivals?

It's all we can think about today, and I guess we'll be giving it a whirl here at, er, Panto towers. But what do you make of it all? To re-cap: it's a drama, based on X Factor-type talent shows, and the story can be changed according to viewers' online "votes". An interesting premise, you might agree, even if you can't manage to like any of the characters. Just noticed it's sponsored by Nivea deodorant *looks at logos side by side, raises eyebrow*.

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Reality news round-up: Rock Rivals starting, Ziggy's clubbing, Burton's opening

br.jpgSean Gallagher wanted to wear high-waisted trunks on Rock Rivals, but the producers wouldn't let him. Spoil sports. Rock Rivals starts on March 5th, ITV1.

Sharon might be quitting the X Factor. All that stuff about her and Dannii tearing each other's hair out is sounding more convincing by the day.

Big Brother non-winner Ziggy is still making the news, this time through his frolics with a lady who, despite having a surprisingly pointy stomach, is still obviously out his league.

I'm a Celebrity star, chef John Burton Race, has managed to get backing for his restaurant from the internet millionaire behind lastminute.com, Clive Jacobs.

It's Brucie's 80th today (I know, only 80?) Happy Birthday old timer!

Shit Lookalikes: Simon Cowell and Sean Gallagher


Sean Gallagher, of course, will be playing the "Cowell-inspired" character on the "X Factor-inspired" ITV drama Rock Rivals. In a recent interview Sean conceded that comparisons would be made, observing "We are not dissimilar in appearance". Not dissimilar, I suppose. But not all that similar either? I think Sean might even do himself a disservice by too many comparisons to captain brillo. But what do you think?

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Coming soon - Rock Rivals!

ror.jpgI don't know whether truth is stranger than fiction, but it's certainly less cliched. The more I hear about Rock Rivals, the more I think I understand why Cowell washed his hands of it. In the new show, a character apparently based on him is depicted as a drunken womaniser. Corrie star Sean Gallagher steps into those vertiginous trousers the new X Factor-inspired drama Rock Rivals.

Sean plays power-crazed record producer Mal Faith, and Michelle Collins is his rock chick wife Karina. The third judge is, wait for it, an Irishman. The show kicks off on ITV1 at the end of the month, and just like on The X Factor, viewers will can choose the winning act by voting online. Eeesh, telly really has eaten itself.

Oh and there's a rumour that Cowell may release the final song. Can't wait.

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