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Big Brother fight of the week: Mario and Lisa have first big row

Seems Mario's not such a suave, gracious gentleman after all. He's been having a go at Lisa for cleaning up too much. Not because he thinks she's worth more than that, or because he's bothered about the others being dirty, lazy sods... but because he doesn't want her to be more popular than him.

And let's make this one 'quote of the week' while we're at it: "Throw a few spanners in the works, it's too nice, too happy happy... Otherwise, before we know it, I'll be gone and you'll still be here." In the words of the Bard (credit where it's due, right?): "Aye. There's the rub."

Brian feels just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

76442840.jpgIt's obvious that Brian Belo has some dubious tastes when it comes to pop culture. He knows the words to Barbie Girl. He loves Babe: Pig in the City. Well, it's seems that Bri' is a fan of super ultra girlie flick, Pretty Woman too.

On the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show this morning, Brian recalled how, just before he went into the BB8 house, he went to London’s Bond Street and “the people in Burberry were proper rude to me and stuff and gave me dirty looks and proper gave me screw faces”. Unsurprisingly, after he'd won the show and become considerably richer “they were proper nice to me. It was like being in Pretty Woman or summink”. Moyles suggested he should have shouted “Big mistake!” like Julia Roberts’ character and stormed across the road to Gucci. Let's hope he doesn't get off with Richard Gere or summink. [via Heat]

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Forget Quote Of The Week, here’s Quote Of The SERIES!


Well, it’s been a long old slog through twenty-four housemates - and it feels like as many weeks – on Big Brother 8, but as Sinatra once sang: ‘Now the end is near, and so we face the final quoting’. Or something like that. While the housemates are still safely locked up inside, here’s a round up of the most priceless quotes this series, from 20 to 1.

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Quote Of The Week - The Final Furlong


Well my good-griefy-giddy-aunt, it’s the final week already! As BB8 draws to a frenzied close, I’ve had to extend my top three of quotage to a top five again because the calibre of priceless mouth-gumph is so hilariously high. Stay tuned for a special Quote Of The Series feature in the next couple of days, but for now, here’s which inmates have made my final week Top 5.

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Big Brother Quote Of The Week: Week 8


As we count down to the end of Big Brother 8, it seems like we’ve still got about a million housemates to watch and they’re all offering up their own inane quotes in a battle for QOTW supremacy. Here’s my top three this week – proving Brian has a new contender for the crown...

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Big Brother Quote Of The Week - Week 6


This week’s Big Brother viewing has been chock full of classic quotes, two of them inevitably involving Shakespeare’s nemesis Brian. That man is simply in a class of his own. Let me know if you agree or disagree below.

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Makosi - The new Princess Diana (no, really)

princessmakosi.gifRemember Makosi from Big Brother 6? The one who thought she was preggers after a Geordie had touched her leg? Well, according to her good self, she is the closest living thing we have to Princess Diana.

In her own words; "Men have seen my breasts in magazines – who wouldn't want me? But no one wants to know! They think, 'She comes with such baggage.' I think I'm the black Princess Diana. She was misunderstood and couldn't get a date – and that's me."

So, are we to assume that Princess Diana got to where she was by flashing her great undulating knockers in a reality TV paddling pond and wearing an afro wig? The only similarity I can spot contains the word 'car crash'* and the phrase 'dying on your arse'.

*as in TV folks... save your complaint letters
[via HolyMoly]

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Big Brother Quote of the Week: Week 5

chanelle_256x145.gifIt really is quite tough to pick quotes of the week - it seems like every highlights show has a collection of greats. This week, for instance, there's somehow no Brian in my top 3. I am clearly not watching closely enough.

3. Ziggy's little episode after the nominations were announced provided one of those scenarios that is funny precisely because the people involved are so serious. So Ziggy deciding to have a little lie-down in the shower? Funny. The fact that he was extremely solemn throughout, with no apparent recognition of how odd he was being? Funny. He even asked Chanelle why she thought his behaviour was weird. To which the only natural response was, of course, "Because you're lying in the shower with your clothes on and no water." No laughs, no giggles. Funny.

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Big Brother Quote of the Week: Week 4

amanda.gifIt's always pleasant to be able to take delight in a little witty repartee. Some eloquent badinage. A few well-chosen bon mots.

That is not what I will be doing here. This week's Quote of the Week contest - like those before it and, I would imagine, most after - is all about the thrillingly entertaining idiocy that permeates the Big Brother house like some poisonous cloud of rank stupidity.

An honourable mention firstly to Jonathan, if only because he may soon be gone. "I could have better conversations with a tin of beans," he remarked of his exchanges with Tracey, employing a sentence quite possibly longer and more loquacious than anything Tracey has ever uttered, ever. Ever.

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Big Brother Quote of the Week: Week 3

charleygobshut.gifIn last week's "Quote Of The Week" post I wondered whether Charley would soon take the top three places - at the moment, despised as she is, she's probably the only housemate with the ability to do it. So, following another seven days of tantrums and, er, more tantrums, has she managed it? Let's have a look, shall we?

Firstly, the honourable mentions. Seany's reaction to Jonathan's entry to the house was as subtle as we've come to expect from the attention-seeking rave goon. "It's an old man! It's a really old man!" he cried with quite bewildering joy (and volume). Way to roll out the red carpet, Seany.

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Big Brother Quote of the Week: Week 2

charleymouf.gifBloody heckfire, has it only been going 2 weeks? Is it just me or does this series feel like it's been on since Christmas already?

Anyway, if you've been watching over the last week you'll have witnessed what has amounted to pretty much one long bicker. It's bickersville in there. The bickering has been so petty that often,
mid-bicker, I forget why the bicker began. And fear it will never end.

Of course, it's all great quote fodder.

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Big Brother Quote of the Week: Week 1

charleyyeah.gif"Quote" of the week? Singular? How can I pick just the one? Well, I'm going to outright cheat and select some runners-up as well as a winner. Pretty cavalier, huh?

Firstly, an honourable mention for the now-departed Emily's "there's a new music sweeping the nation - it's called indie". This quote did not actually materialise inside the house, and is therefore ineligible (where are these rules coming from?). But it's obviously too good to go unrecognised. Why, even Popjustice rated it worthy of its priceless cynicism.

Secondly, Samanda and Charley cannot be considered for inclusion due to being, respectively, incomprehensible and prone to using the word "yeah?" more than any other word in every single sentence.

You'll find the top 3 after the jump...

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