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Q&A: Nikki Grahame from Big Brother 7

nikki.jpg Love her or hate her, there's no denying that Nikki Grahame is one of the most memorable Big Brother contestants of all time. She was spirited, strangely charming, and well, constantly cold. But who's the real Nikki Grahame? And is that her real hair? Panto caught up with the princess herself to talk fame, fashion, and holidays with Jade.

If you can't get enough Nikki, you can also check out her webchat with Virgin Bingo tonight at 8pm!

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Jon Tickle chats to Available for Panto

Eccentric science nerd Jon Tickle first captured the public's heart in Big Brother 4, and has been a regular on our screens ever since. Tickle is said to be the 13th most popular housemate ever, with numerous fansites and even a 'church' in his honour. He's appeared in a number of popular TV shows over the past four years, most famously as the presenter of Brainiac. But who is the real Jon Tickle? Available for Panto caught up with him to talk honeybees, fishguts and impressing women.

If you think we've missed something crucial, drop in to the live Virgin Bingo webchat at 8pm tomorrow, and ask him yourself...

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4pm: Everyone's bingoing Dowling mad!

_42102170_brian_203.jpgA couple of days ago we gave you our own little Q+A sesh with BB2 winner Brian Dowling in preparation for one of Virgin Bingo's lovely webchats.

Last night, Brian joined Virgin Bingo-ers to chat about life after Big Bro. He went on for ages, so here are the best bits!

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11am: Big Brother's Big Lesbian interviews Thaila

photo-x-%247003109%24180.jpgBig big thanks to the lovely Big Brother's Big Lesbian for sending me another one of her great interviews. This time she's been chatting to Pooh! Or rather, the actress who played Pooh, Thaila Zucchi.

Read the interview in full here.

My favourite bit:

BBBL: “Where is that bloody washing machine hidden? As I really am tiring of watching Carole mangling her kecks?”

Thaila: (laughs) “This I don’t know, I did hear that they might be able to win a washing machine?” I was able to go into the camera run and was privvy to watching Carole washing her knickers in the bathtub. I felt a little that I was invading her privacy.”


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3pm: Brian Dowling chats to Available for Panto

Brian_dowling_headshot.jpgJolly Irish air steward Brian Dowling shot to fame when he appeared on a second series of Big Brother. He managed to become a clear favourite from almost the very beginning, and won the show with 61% of the final vote (runner up was the ditzy yet lovable Helen).

How has his life changed since then? Available for Panto had the chance to pose a few questions to him earlier this week.

You can do the same on Wednesday night as he tackles questions in a live Virgin Bingo webchat.

Who does he want to win this series? Would he take the oppurtunity to present Big Brother? Will he fall for our Nigerian-style bank detail scam? Find out after the jump...

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2pm: Alison Hammond webchat

alisonhammond.jpgAll this series we've been running a series of thighslappingly fun Q+As with ex-housemates and other people involved in Big Brother.

We'll be bringing you more -- next week's guest is an ex-winner! Ooh! I'll keep you in suspense until then.

Anyway, last week we caught up with Alison Hammond from Big Brother 3 in preparation for her live Virgin Bingo webchat.

Read extracts from her transcript after the jump!

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11am: Alex and Adele talk to Channel 4

adele.jpgEx-housemate Alex made an appearance in the house yesterday as part of a time-travel task. With him was fellow BB3 contestant Adele.

They beat Brian and Kara-Louise in a sport task

Before the task, they both chatted to Channel4.com about their life after the house. Adele, who was always a bit dull, has remained boring, but seems to have carved out a pretty successful career as a DJ, and also works at a Preston-based radio station.

Alex, on the other hand, points out that after leaving the house he took himself a bit too seriously, but then got working for a housing charity.

He is a little bitter, though, check this comment out:

"iBB - What was the best and worst thing about doing Big Brother?

The best thing probably was being able to afford a home with no mortgage and the worst thing was... well I wouldn't have met Melanie Hill.

(Alex dated Melanie from BB1 for two years but they are now separated.)

Relationships wise I've only had two, maybe three since I've been out. Me and Melanie - it had its highs and it had its lows like every relationship.

(Alex glances over to his current girlfriend who is also in the room)

If Melanie's reading, I'd like my dog back please!"

Feisty! Read Alex's interview here, and Adele's here.

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11am: Alison Hammond from BB3 chats to Available for Panto

alisonhammond.jpgWe spoil you, we really do. First we brought you Nasty Nick, then you got a special Q+A with Marcus Bentley, and now you're treated to another round of quick fire questions, this time with Alison Hammond from Big Bro 3.

The ex-housemate turned TV presenter will be doing a live webchat tonight at 8pm over on Virgin Bingo.

Here's a little taster of what's to come...

Available For Panto: Have you been watching Big Brother this year? Who's your tip to win?

Alison Hammond: Yes, it's been interesting. Liam to win 'cause I fancy him a little.

AFP: Who would be in your fantasy celeb Big Brother house?

AH: Lenny Henry, Kate Moss, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert De Niro, Rusty Lee, Carol Vorderman.

AFP: Did you think Big Brother producers were right to get rid of Emily after she used the N word?

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Big Brother Live - 2pm: Available for Panto chats to Marcus 'The Voice of Big Brother' Bentley

marcus_pic.gifAges ago I wrote a little update about Marcus Bentley, the voice of Big Brother. "Hark!" I said. "Listen to his changing accent!"

To our delight, Marcus popped up to settle the mystery of his voice. "On the first series I was told to speak clearly and slowly and to 'play down' some of my natural accent," he told us.

This made us curious. What else did Marcus have to say? Clearly there are few who know more about Big Brother than he, after all, he's commentated on every glorious moment: Nasty Nick, Jade and PJ, Fight Night... you get the picture.

In a special Q+A with Available for Panto, Marcus talks about the current series, his favourite housemate of all time, the prospect of going on Celeb Big Brother, and what it's like talking dirty if you're Marcus Bentley...

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