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Reality news round-up: Kerry's fine, US ladettes and Chanelle and Chantelle - together at last

cil.jpgWe were worried, for a moment, about Kerry's pre-eclampsia pregnancy scare. Turns out she was just a bit low on iron. Still, she's been dropped by Mr and Mrs so it's not all bad.

Donald Trump and MTV are combining to do a US version of Ladette to Lady. The headline here is "Lady and the Trump". There isn't an official title for the show yet, but I think they'll struggle to top that, personally.

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Ladette to Lady, recap of last night

You've seen My Fair Lady, right? Well, this is basically the same. Here the ladettes are squeezed into mother-of-the-bride outfits from Coast, and asked a series of humiliating questions by toffs. "The social function will give the girls the opportunity to show off some of their social skills". Oh dear, it's worse than I thought...

Thanks to our superb friends at TV Scoop for the clip.

Posted by on February 13, 2008 12:00 PM in Ladette to Lady| Video Clips
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Ladette to Lady - one more time

Did you miss it? No fear. Thanks to our cousins at TV Scoop we can show you this tasty clip of last night's ep of Ladette to Lady. Picture of elegance that I am, I'd always assumed that most girls are just a decent roots job away from the exquisite disposition of a thoroughbred toff. Turns out I was wrong. But when the teachers keep telling them to stop being so "supercilious" and they should get some "gumption" you do end up siding with the little rascals, don't you? Here, putting the pyg into pygmalion, are the ladettes...

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Posted by on February 6, 2008 4:00 PM in Ladette to Lady
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