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Gordon Ramsay to be censored in Aus?

ramsay2.jpgAustralia and Britain are at war!!!!!!!!! And it's all Gordon Ramsay's fault! Honestly, if I wasn't eating a banana right now, I'd have to check the calendar because it's exactly like the 1940s all over again. [Leila: are you ill? - ed].

Australia's Parliament is actually holding an inquiry into swearing on TV because of the amount of effing and blinding that comes out of Gordon Ramsay's mouth on Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen. But not so long ago, Britain was banning Australian imports - we took offense, didn't we, at their godforsaken "Where the bloody 'ell are you?" campaign. I'm not sure why, but I guess because it was indecently annoying. Maybe Ramsay will be censored by the Aussies, but who cares? It's our go now. Watch your backs, Australia... that's not a knife, etc.

Reality news round-up: Alesha's suitors, Kelly's smart, Ramsay's law suit

ad9.jpgAlesha Dixon has split from Aston Villa star John Carew, according to The Sun. She's said to be focusing on her new album instead. You go, girl! Who needs men when we have art?

Great picture here of Amanda Holden's mouth looking unpleasant, while Heat thinks Kelly Brook looked good at the Baftas.

...and over the pond, Gordon Ramsay is being sued for mild theatrical rudeness. The restaurant manager claims that Ramsay called him a lazy tosser, and that this has damaged his career to the tune of £500,000. One suspects that they should both have known what they were getting into. Welcome to America, Gordon...

Shit Lookalikes: April Fool Gordon Ramsay and Demi Moore


Hey look! It's a creature that evolved from Demi Moore! The thing on the left, in fact, in Gordon Ramsay dressed up for his US Hell's Kitchen series yesterday. That invisible weight you feel lifting from your shoulders? It's the stress of April Fool's Day melting away for another year. Relax. Sleep well, and don't have (kitchen) nightmares.

Kitchen Nightmares - Ramsay can act!

This is what we're missing, guys. They're always going on about the cooking, and the rugby, but what you don't hear about so much is what a brilliant brilliant actor Ramsay really is. You see a bit of it here, in his US series (especially at 2:50) - and you thought Hell's Kitchen was dramatic...