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2pm: Big Brother Africa starting Sunday

_39194492_gaetano_pa203.jpgI promised to keep you up-to-speed with what was going on in Big Brother USA, but after following it for a little while, it's just pathetically rubbish. Even worse than our one.

So I didn't bother.

Maybe Big Brother Africa can be more interesting? Starting this Sunday, the African series is only into its second year. You may remember Gaetano from the first series -- he was the chap who swapped with Cameron way back in BB4.

This year, African journalists and personalities were given the chance to live in the house for a couple of days to see how it felt. Tashi Tagg, from iAfrica.com, was one of the lucky ones. She describes her experience here.

Little has been given away about what African viewers can expect from the new house, but one thing's for sure: It looks awesome.

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5pm: Aussie BB Live feed footage

Thanks to 'Mr Devil' from an Aussie BB forum, here is footage of the phonecall as the Austrailian house saw it...!

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Big Brother Live - 1pm: Meanwhile, in Big Brother US...

fonz.gifIn what feels eerily similar to our own issues about Big Brother UK, American viewers and bloggers are up in arms about the editing of the Big Brother US shows.

Our editing patterns tend to show certain housemates in a better light than in the live feed. Case in point: Carole. Yesterday, I couldn't stand any more of her moaning about cleaning. This probably won't make it into the live feed, however, so those fortunate enough to have lives and only watch the highlights show will never know.

Our American chums have it even worse.

Jackie Schnoop explains:

"The fight between Dick and Jen the other night actually went down before the Nominations Ceremony, not after it. In previous seasons, I've seen the time span used for clips on the televised show encompass weeks of footage. When they think it fits for editing, they slip it on in there and the audience is no wiser. Oh, but we are wiser when we watch the feeds."

In the UK, Endemol has never gone as far as to change the order of events, but I wouldn't put it past them.

Another, more amusing, similarity in the US house:

As a last note: A commenter in my previous post here wondered why Zach was so disliked by the houseguests. It's because he's sneaky, but not sneaky enough to not get caught. He plays people like a smarmy politician and they see through him.

Sounds familiar, eh folks?

(If you're wondering why The Fonz is so elegantly placed up there, it's because I needed something to represent America. And short of bombs, fat people and rubbish sports, there wasn't much else other than this legend of man. So there we have it. Aaaay.)

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Live Big Brother - 1pm: Meanwhile, over the pond...

usbb_daniele.jpgThe US version of Big Brother starts tomorrow.

In typical American style, Big Brother US is bigger, flashier and more controversial than its UK counterpart.

For starters, all the housemates (who are referred to as HouseGuests) are revealed way before the show. Among them this year is 20 year-old Daniele Danato (left), a Hooters girl from California. No mystery as to her reason for being in the house, then. But, any hope of some 'hooters' style raunchiness may be cut short; Daniele's dad, Dick, is also in the house.

Daniele's not the only one to have someone she knows in the house. The theme for this years house is that everyone has an enemy. Someone from their life that they wouldn't want to be with for two minutes, let alone weeks and weeks. Ex-boyfriends, husbands and so on.

That's not the only twist. This year, one housemate will be nominated 'America's Player'.

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