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I'd Do Anything Samantha lands lead role in Cabaret

sam2.jpgWe've been wondering what Sam's up to these days. Easily one of the best Nancys, but with a slightly creepy Manx following, we were worried she might be dressed in feathers and trapped in a golden cage suspended from the highest yard arm on the Isle of Man.

But no! I'm happy to report that the 17-year-old, who came third in I'd Do Anything despite almost turning Barry Humphries straight, will play performer Sally Bowles in the musical Cabaret. Dancer Wayne Sleep will also appear, the role of the Emcee.

I'd Do Anything was won by Jodie Prenger in May. She will make her debut as Nancy in the West End revival of Oliver! later this year.

Rachel Tucker, another former Nancy hopeful, has also been offered theatre work since appearing on the show. She recently signed up to play a lead role in West End musical We Will Rock You.

I'd Do Anything: Rachel to appear in We Will Rock You

rach.jpgFormer Nancy hopeful Rachel Tucker has landed a role in West End musical We Will Rock You. Rachel will appear from mid-September as Meat (it's a character, apparently) in the Queen-themed show. If you thought no one could ever really get very excited about a musical about Queen, think again, my friend...

"It is a dream part. We Will Rock You is one of my favourite shows," Tucker explained. "I first saw it when I was a student at the Royal Academy and loved it. I am beside myself with excitement. I just can't believe it."

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Denise Van Outen & Lee Mead to buy in Cotswolds?

Well, they wouldn't be the first. A little bird told me that Denise and Lee might be following in the footsteps of Liz Hurley, Kate Moss and, er, Alex from Blur, and buying a property in the Cotswolds. Denise told The Sun: "I've decided I'm looking for another place, a nice country home, something that's easy to commute to - perhaps the Cotswolds," she said. Well it'll be nice for them to have somewhere pretty to live. You know, somewhere they can relax, close their eyes. Draw back the curtains.

I'd Do Anything: So what should Nancy look like, anyway?

jp.jpgI'd Do Anything Winner, Jodie Prenger is, according to Cameron Macintosh, too "big" to play Nancy, while Dollymix reader, Alex, feels that the real reason the two black girls got the boot was that they were the wrong colour to be Dickens' Victorian prostitute.

But just what did Nancy look like anyway? Since we grew up with the musical version of Oliver, Shani Wallis is our template for Nancy, but the BBC's 2007 version gave us a mixed race Nancy who fitted right in to what was already a multicultural Victorian London.

Check out the excellent Katie's Lee's intriguing guide to Nancys through the ages over on our sister site Dollymix!

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I'd Do Anything: Mackintosh and Webber fell out over Rachel

webber.jpgYes, it turns out Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh had a massive row over Andrew's decision to keep Sam rather than Rachel.

First of all, can you imagine either of the gentle impresarios getting worked up over something? Also, surely Andrew was right? As he said, "The fact is Cameron wanted Rachel to stay. He wanted Rachel and Samantha in the final from the beginning of the series. Rachel did a fantastic performance but I had to face up to the fact that she wouldn't have gone any further. What I may think professionally is sometimes different to what the public want. I saved Rachel three times and she still ended up in the bottom two."

Panto poll: Did the best Nancy win?

It's been a rare and nail-biting weekend of wonderfully camp talent show finales. The Nancy showdown happened first, so cast your mind back all the way to Saturday night and tell me: do you think Jodie's win was a fair cop? Or was it a case of just-like-us vs bit-weird-and-unpredictable? Did the best girl win, or just the most likable one?

Video clip over the jump...

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Producer accuses Jodie Nancy of being "too big"

jp.jpg We were all thinking it, but this week someone's finally come out with it. Andrew said: "Cameron thinks she is a bit too big and has more or less said so." Despite showbiz size prejudices, bubbly Jodie is the bookies' favourite against Jessie Buckley, 18, and Samantha Barks, 17. Sir Andrew told The Mirror: "Jodie could be anybody's idea of Nancy - I can see it absolutely. She has got a lovely voice and a super personality. She has experience as well."

Jodie's had a lifelong battle with her weight, and was previously known for winning weight loss show The Biggest Loser in 2006. During the series, she lost over eight stone and a half stone in six months, slimming down to a size 10, before settling at a size 14/16. What do you think? Does size matter when it comes to a Nancy?

The live final of I'd Do Anything is on Saturday at 6pm with the results show at 8.45pm on BBC1.

I'd Do Anything: the finalists as Madonna

jodie1.jpgWell, this is weird. The three final Nancys... dressed as Madonna. With no decent explanation from The Mail, who report that Like a Prayer came out in 1989 before Jessie was born.

For goodness sake. Just when you thought she couldn't get any more annoying, it turns out she was born in the nineties. I'm having enough trouble dealing with the fact that, statistically, some people I've met must have been born in the eighties. But the nineties?! That's just taking the piss. See the pictures of the young, young shits over the page...

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I'd Do Anything semi-final: Rachel and Samantha

I don't know about you, but I feel quite strongly that Rachel should've gone weeks ago. Just look at her here, eyes bulging, the madness straining to come out. Seriously Rach, if you're reading this (and why wouldn't you be?) you don't need to act every single word in a song...

Anyway, she's gone now. She flapped her arms so much she took off and flew out through the ceiling like Iron Man. Sam for Nancy! Sam for President!

Denise & Lee reject reality show offer

There was one notable Joseph missing on Saturday's Nancy & Joseph dance, wasn't there? That's right, what's-his-name, the ugly one who's going out with Denise. According to the Daily Star, Sky TV keep offering the couple a "name your price" deal to star in their own fly-on-the-wall reality show.

She says: "Can you imagine how boring that would be?...Plus, he's at the theatre six days a week - so what do they think will happen?"

Oh I don't know Denise, maybe they were hoping to catch you and the Barrowman in bed together. Wouldn't be the first time, either, would it? Oh, don't try to deny it. I've seen the way you look at him. Something about showing you his Torchwood.

I'd Do Anything: Nancys and Josephs sing Dancin' In The Street

I know! Isn't it fabulous? Together at last! I hope they shall all get married to each other. They're a natural gang, but here's how I'd have paired them up: Niamh & Keith; Rob & Jodie; Sam & Ben; Rachel & Jessie; Daniel & Lewis. What? Do you have a problem with same-sex couples now? Enjoy Jessie's attempt at "swingin' and swayin'" at 1:46...

Oh, and Niamh's gone by the way. Nice work, jealous fatties.

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Panto Poll: Time to call time on music talent shows?

With viewing figures are down on previous years, we have to ask: have the Lloyd Webber shows started to lose their sparkle a bit? Rumour has it the BBC are desperate to keep Graham Norton and are looking for a way to make sure he doesn't get tempted away by the siren call of glamorous, sophisticated ITV. The question is... are these shows enough?