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Big Brother: Belinda's gone...

Oh Belinda, Belinda. We won't really miss you. But you have GOT TO LOVE THE SNORING. I mean, wow! Is she definitely humanoid? Some kind of terrible accident in the lab with a pig, a chainsaw and that dodgy particle transmogrifying machine Jeff Goldblum uses in The Fly? Let's see it again.

Housemate of the Week: Samanda

Picture%206.pngGenius. Its dead good.

I'm unsure how but I've grown in some weird way to warm towards the twins. When they waltzed in the househttp://www.virgingames.com/bets/markets.aspx?marketid=20439748, I adamantly thought they were a pair of airheads, lollypop holding airheads who loved pink. And now. Now. Well. I love 'em.

Its their 'be nice to all' attitude, the fact that they don't have anything nasty to say to anyone, its lovely. Its sickeningly refreshing in today's spiteful world.

I didn't think people like that could exist. Not really. I do hope that the inevitable fame which is going to gush down upon them doesn't affect their loveliness.

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Housemate of the Week: Gerry


Right, it reaches week, whatever it is, and you start to think, great, housemate of the week.. Who deserves the title this week. I am slowly beginning to hate everyone in there, except Liam so this is, week on week, going to get harder.

Liam. Oh Liam. He is likely to win Housemate of the Week again next week. Just so you’re warned. But for today, I’ll give the role to Gerry.

Out of the whole lot (bar Liam) Gerry is mildly amusing.



Firstly, because I cannot be bothered to give it anyone else.

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Housemate of the Week: Brian

Picture%20154.pngHurray! This week I love Brian. Well not love, that’s coming on a bit strong, but he is sure as hell giving us entertaining viewing.

I wasn’t sure of him at first but his diary room rants, his mentality (or lack of), his one-liners - he’s hilarious. And I have a feeling, its without him trying to be either. Despite what the forums out there think....

The best thing Big Brother has ever done was to ask the contestants, what they can and can’t do with a paper clip.

Gerry’s response made me cry with laughter (he just wants to be loved) but Brian’s stole the day. I just cannot understand how his mind works...

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Housemate of the Week: Liam

Picture%20142.pngOK, I love this guy. As Virgin Bets have now predicted, the late runner could win the day. What a little pumpkin.

He’s funny, he’s lovely, he has big ham arms but hey, I won’t hold that against him.

How he puts up with Nicky I’ll never know. Maybe one day I’ll ask him. Over a steak dinner perhaps. He deserves a lot for his ability to listen to her pointless whine without killing her. With an axe. Hm, my inner Patrick Bateman is surfacing.

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Housemate of the week: Billi

billi.gifOK, so it's short and sweet this week - Billi is my housemate of the week. I would go with Liam but it's too much of an obvious choice. Yes I love Liam already but I can gush about him another week – he’s going to be around for a while. Billi on the other hand... Not so sure. I’d say his days are numbered...

The BB housemates think Billi’s playing a game. And he probably is. Although, its not really working - as by all accounts I don’t think he’s liked that much in the house.

But for some reason I quite like him. And I hope he isn't up for nomination because I don’t think the public are going to think like me.

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Housemate of the Week: Ziggy

Picture%20122.pngOK, so... I started writing this and I was going to go all out – I was going to go with a ‘newby’ for my housemate of the week. I was going to throw the delectable title at Brian. Who I was starting to think was quite adorable...


UNTIL he uttered the words, "Charley, have you met Jodie Marsh? Have you met anyone off Hollyoaks?" And he seemed quite stable asking this.


Jodie. Marsh.

So with that in mind. I crossed him off my favourites for this week.

I’m torn between Ziggy and Laura.

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Housemate of the Week: Tracey

Tracey_1.jpgIt's a tough decision this week.

To be honest, I wanted to go with Mike Reid - sorry I mean Lesley, as he/she has made my week by walking out. We no longer have to listen to her pointless whining and moaning about her wasting time being in the house. However, her walking out has meant I can no longer hope for Grotbags (Shabba) or Charley being evicted in the near future. Well for a week or so, anyway.

Laura and Ziggy are winning points on my Big Brother scale although haven’t done enough to win the Housemate of the Week accolade.

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Housemate of the Week: Carole


My favourite housemate of the week has to be Carole. As predictable as it is, she is shaping up to be the nation’s favourite. And I’ll tell you why – because she’s gone in there with no pretence, she’s down to earth and she is not afraid to stand up for herself. Or make a fool of herself. In addition to all this, she seems to be a truly genuine person.

I’d categorise her with last year’s winner, Pete – she’s a bit different (in comparison with those in the house), she doesn’t care what people think, she's someone you possibly wouldn't normally be friends with and she doesn’t conform to the norm.

Davina told us on opening night how Carole dressed up as a mobile phone at a recent Scissor Sisters gig. Tears are running down my face. That is what I want to hear... And see.

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