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Gordon Ramsay eats thumb dish

Alright. Put down your lunch, this is horrible. Gordon Ramsay has tasted a dish containing part of a Hell's Kitchen hopeful's thumb.

US cook Matt, 35, accidentally cut off the tip of his thumb while preparing pancetta to stuff a quail. He ran out of the kitchen, but his teammates, without realising, took over and fried it in a pan with the meat. Gordon said: "Oh God - finger pancetta," but carried on as normal, sampling the dish, and - with a nod to Johnny Depp's Willy Wonker, perhaps - saying simply: "It tastes weird."

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Gordon Ramsay to be censored in Aus?

ramsay2.jpgAustralia and Britain are at war!!!!!!!!! And it's all Gordon Ramsay's fault! Honestly, if I wasn't eating a banana right now, I'd have to check the calendar because it's exactly like the 1940s all over again. [Leila: are you ill? - ed].

Australia's Parliament is actually holding an inquiry into swearing on TV because of the amount of effing and blinding that comes out of Gordon Ramsay's mouth on Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen. But not so long ago, Britain was banning Australian imports - we took offense, didn't we, at their godforsaken "Where the bloody 'ell are you?" campaign. I'm not sure why, but I guess because it was indecently annoying. Maybe Ramsay will be censored by the Aussies, but who cares? It's our go now. Watch your backs, Australia... that's not a knife, etc.

Shit Lookalikes: April Fool Gordon Ramsay and Demi Moore


Hey look! It's a creature that evolved from Demi Moore! The thing on the left, in fact, in Gordon Ramsay dressed up for his US Hell's Kitchen series yesterday. That invisible weight you feel lifting from your shoulders? It's the stress of April Fool's Day melting away for another year. Relax. Sleep well, and don't have (kitchen) nightmares.

New US series for Marco Pierre White

mpw.jpgGuess what, fact fans? NBC has a new cookery reality show in the, uh, oven. "The Chopping Block" has been described as a sort of "Hell's Kitchen" meets "Top Chef", and the star will be Marco Pierre White. (In fact, the show comes from Granada America, which co-produces "Hell's Kitchen"...)

"The Chopping Block" (don't know about you, but I'm getting a massive kick out of that pun) will feature potential chefs competing in actual couples in a bid to win their own restaurant. The eight couples will be split into two teams, with each team assigned side-by-side restaurant spaces in Manhattan. They'll face a series of tasks (not all massively cookery-sounding, it must be said) like designing the space and generating buzz for their establishments.

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Shit Lookalikes: Jay Rayner and Marco Pierre White

You know how they say "If you eat at too many celebrity chefs' restaurants, you'll turn into one" (sure they do!), yeah? Well that certainly seems to have been the case with Clare Rayner's boy, now all grown up and working as the Guardian's curmudgeonly food critic, Jay Rayner. Look! He's transmogrifying into Marco Pierre White before your very eyes!


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Reality TV Moments Of The Year #9

Remember Marco Pierre White kicking Lee Ryan out? "You're not part of this team any more". Harsh? Fair? His own fault for criticising the chef? Tell us what you think!

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Hell's Kitchen: Adele's big photoshoot

The News of the World has such a crush on Adele at the moment. Yes, their appetite for the Hell's Bell is insatiable! We quite like her too, and in keeping with all the super-glamorous posts we had last week, here's a video of Adele getting her pictures done for the red-top. Enjoy!

Marco Pierre White tips chippy £20

marco.jpgI guess Hell's Kitchen paid him well. Marco's been throwing mullah away on chip-shop owners. Not just any chip-shops, of course, pretty classy ones by the sounds of it... the haddock and chips, onion rings and tea he enjoyed at the Marlboro in Weymouth set him back a fishy £7.

Owner Craig Johnson, 25, told The Sun: “I thought that if he didn’t like the food he might give me a piece of his mind but he was a real gent.” See, he's fine with being cooked for, it's serving other people that Marco hates. Just a theory.

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Hell's Kitchen: Adele attacks Jim Davidson

adele.jpgHell's Kitchen runner-up Adele Silva has hit out at Jim Davidson for his behaviour on the show, in an interview with the News of The World. The former Emmerdale actress was appalled by homophobic remarks Jim directed towards Big Brother 2 winner Brian Dowling. "I've never witnessed a personal attack like Jim made on Brian - it was so wrong... There's a lot of things that haven't been seen. I know there were worse things he said than the shirt-lifter - stuff that wasn't shown... Abbey was so worried about what was going on she hung her apron over the camera. Jim told her to take it down. He wanted the attention he'd get from being so controversial."

But it's not just Jim who's getting roasted, Abbey Clancy was fair game too: "I'm completely gutted with how she behaved—she's 21 and so immature. I don't think of myself as a glamour girl or model like her. I'm an actress with a career." I guess...

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Daily Poll: Who would win in a fight - Marco or Jamie?

Marco Pierre White has branded the naked one a "fat chef with a drum kit". Quite an image, isn't it? But Miss, Miss, Jamie started it! He called the Michelin-starred chef a "psychological bully". Do we have a soft spot for boyish Master Oliver, or has he gone off the boil? Does Marco have a simmering fury that could turn nasty at any moment... or does he just hate drum kits? Only one way to find out - vote!

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Hell's Kitchen Barry is hooked on cooking

barrymarco.jpgAw, isn't this picture just the cutest thing you ever saw? I could just eat them up!. Barry McGuigan has vowed to keep up his cookery training after proving a big hit in Hell's Kitchen, reckons The Mirror.

Far from being sick of the sight of food, Barry - famed for his mashed spuds - was back in the kitchen 24 hours later and ready to wow his wife Sandra with his new skills. "She has done all the cooking for so long and now I want to do my bit," Barry explained. "I am going to do a nice fillet steak and my signature dish of mashed potatoes."

Barry has also been full of praise for Marco Pierre White, since leaving the show. "Before the show I could only burn toast and boil water. I cannot believe I learned so much in such a short space of time. Marco is the best in the world and I have enjoyed spending time with him. He is a man's man."

And what's next for Barry? McGuigan's mash? "I'm certainly going to do something. McGuigan's sauce, maybe." Matron!

Hit 'continue' for The Mirror's recipe for McGuigan's mash...

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Top Five Moments on Hell’s Kitchen 2007


Being a huge fan of ‘La Ramsey’, I was suspicious of newcomer (albeit legendary chef) Marco Pierre White on this year’s Hell’s Kitchen. But what a series it has ended up being – pop strops, WAG idiocy and, unfortunately, bigoted rants. If you missed even a night, you missed out. Here’s the Top 5 most priceless moments…

5. Angus Deayton actually getting some attention for once. With all the ladies (even Carole Thatcher – shudder) fawning over Marco Pierre White, host Deayton was coming in a poor second. Until, that is, Radio 1’s Jo Whiley came to his rescue. As Angus welcomed viewers back from a break, Whiley shot up and smooched his cheek. Shame it was all for a bet.

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