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Ghost hunting with...

gaf2.jpgTomorrow it's Dean Gaffney, if you remember him from yonks ago. Well, he died, and now Yvette Fielding's out looking for his spirit. Not really, of course. He is going to be appearing on this side of the mortal curtain, though, and apparently he gets pretty scared. Clip here if you're interested. Better still is the story that Yvette Fielding's dream ghost hunt partner is Gordon Ramsay. Here's why:

"When I was doing the ITV2 show Deadline, I was the only paparazzo standing outside with a camera waiting for him and he refused to let me take a single photograph," she says. "He completely blanked me. I called him a w****r. I'd like to go Ghost Hunting with him. I'd like to scare the living c*** out of him!"

The living c***? Must've missed that James Bond movie. Ghost Hunting With I'm A Celebrity, tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.