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Big Brother Luke had never kissed girlfriend

Yes, according to tabloid reports, a 'heart-to-heart that was not shown on TV' took place, where Luke told Bex his girlfriend of six months had never let him kiss her. Fair play to her, in a way. We're not sure we'd let him kiss us, either.

Bex decided Gina had treated Luke badly, and the two housemates are now so close that Big Brother is keeping condoms on standby in case the pair, um, need them.

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Big Brother Flirt Alert: Luke and Bex - a second smooch?

lb.jpgYou could be forgiven for thinking that the only bits of Big Brother I have any interest in at all are the ones that feature these two characters. I'm sorry fans of Dale, Maysoon, etc, I just can't help my obsession with this pair.

They really are the best, aren't they? Check out this clip of them and see if you don't just want to squidge them both together on that chair to make one big Lu-becca creature. Sounds like they might have had another little clinch, and they're still denying any romance... but are they protesting a tad too much?

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Panto Poll: Are you glad Luke was dumped?

luke3.jpgYoung Luke, as we know, has been publicly ditched by his bespectacled teenaged lovely, Gina. But is he really such a love rat? How do we feel about the dumpage? Get your vote on, kids.

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Big Brother flirt alert: It's Bex and Luke - again

luke1.jpgMaybe it's not a cool thing to say, but I adore them both and hope they do get married and have babies.


Luke: "You want me. It's as simple as that."
Bex: "You want me Luke."
Luke: "If I wanted you I could've had you by now." (!)
Bex: "No, you couldn't. That suggests I would have wanted you and that clearly isn't gonna happen."
Luke: "Mikey -do you think Rebecca wants me?"
Mikey: "I think you'd better make the most of it in case she goes. Keep us up all night."
Luke: "One night of full-throttle passion?"
Bex: (Primly) "I would never do anything of the sort in the Big Brother House,"
Luke: (Sighing) "Oh Rebecca. It must be tough being you and wanting me but you can't have me."


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Big Brother flirt alert: Kat and Sara share a kiss

There's been a distinct lack of smooching on this series so far, (having your face spat on from a distance doesn't count) so imagine our delight when Katreya and Sara had a bit of a snog in the hot tub. And just in case the memories of Mario and Lisa's gross get-together last month is starting fade, here it is again:

Big Brother flirt alert: Luke spends night in bed with Bex?!

lukebed.jpgNow here's one Big Brother relationship I actually hope does work out, purely because I find it very difficult to hate either of them. Luke, the only one with 'his head screwed on' in there has spent a drunken night of... passion? with Bex. The Sun has some pictures that bring to mind that mini-me sex tape. Luke talked Rebecca into sharing his bed because hers stank of fish (long story). After she was settled, the student declared: "Oh no! My political career is over." Bex retorted: "You? My social life is over." She went on to explain that her credibility had "punneted" after getting into bed with Luke.

Panto Poll: Is Jen playing a game?

Sorry to keep harping on about Jen and her romances, but really what else is going on in there? My question to you is this: does she have a 'game plan'? Sure, we're all enjoying her insane preoccupation with the idea that Stu is some kind of magic man built in the Big Brother labs for her personal delectation. But are all these crushes and silliness real, or is she cleverer than she looks, and it's all part of a BIG PLAN of some sort?

Big Brother Flirt Alert: Sylvia moves onto Dale

dj.jpgSee this is the problem with what Big Brother has become. When it was born, the show and its presenters had a fresh, bright-eyed, post-90s optimism about it. Davina was kind of funny and brash and ladette-y, a far cry from the embarrassing mum she's become.

The housemates were earnest, relatively low-key, and a bit uncomfortable around the cameras. And that's what made it such guiltily riveting viewing. They didn't know what to expect when they left the house, so they tried pretty hard to play by the rules and sometimes it felt like watching people in prison. Well, now the show is 8 years old, and like so many 8 year olds these days, Big Brother is having an early puberty. By which I mean, it's self-aware, it's tentatively sexual, and let's face it, it's starting to smell a bit.

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Flirt alert! Dale and Jennifer

dale.jpgAnd yet... meh. I don't believe a bit of it. Actors, the pair of them! Dale, apparently, has a girl on the 'outside' anyway.

Or at least, did. She might not be waiting for him at the end. Unless she's 'in on it' too, of course, which she might be. And this is all part of the masterplan, including me typing this now, and you reading it. And you drinking your tea and doing your email and me and you and oh! Turns out they're cleverer than we gave them credit for. Wait! Wha... what just happened?

Big Brother flirt alert: Rebecca and Mikey?


Ah, here's hoping. It'd be like this amazingly unphotogenic version of Chanelle and Ziggy. And, as such, might actually stand a chance as a real relationship. Maybe. Becky and Mikey are both immensely lovable in their own ways, but could they really make it work? What do you think? Have a look at this clip and see if you can't tell that Mikey lurrrrrrrrrrrves her. Hehe!

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