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Big Brother Darnell new fave to win

According to some impartial reports, Darnell Swallow has usurped Katreya as the new favourite to win Big Brother. A Ladbrokes spokesman said: "Darnell is the man of the moment and the money keeps coming in for him. Punters' patience finally snapped following Kat's crocodile tears."

If Darnell does win (and let's not forget there's still a good way left to go) it'll be genuinely life-changing for him. He was kicked out of the states following a drugs conviction and his mum reckons he deserves a second chance.

Whatever. My money's on Luke.

Producer accuses Jodie Nancy of being "too big"

jp.jpg We were all thinking it, but this week someone's finally come out with it. Andrew said: "Cameron thinks she is a bit too big and has more or less said so." Despite showbiz size prejudices, bubbly Jodie is the bookies' favourite against Jessie Buckley, 18, and Samantha Barks, 17. Sir Andrew told The Mirror: "Jodie could be anybody's idea of Nancy - I can see it absolutely. She has got a lovely voice and a super personality. She has experience as well."

Jodie's had a lifelong battle with her weight, and was previously known for winning weight loss show The Biggest Loser in 2006. During the series, she lost over eight stone and a half stone in six months, slimming down to a size 10, before settling at a size 14/16. What do you think? Does size matter when it comes to a Nancy?

The live final of I'd Do Anything is on Saturday at 6pm with the results show at 8.45pm on BBC1.

1pm: Against All Odds

carolehair.jpg It's the last day. The Last Day. The! Last! Day!

And as I type this on my laptop from my quiet spot underneath Carole's bed, my head is awash with questions... questions the housemates must be asking too. Who will win? And will they wear matching outfits when they do? What will happen next? Did I turn the oven off before I came out? Would you like me to be the cat?

Most of all I'm wondering whether Jonty can pull out the stops and bring home the bacon for me tonight. He's a bit of an oddball, granted, and he's got a very wide parting, to be sure, but I've got ten bob riding on that gleaming head, and right now I don't give a damn what he has to do, so long as he does it. No, don't say it, I know what you're thinking... if I have one vice, it's that I care too much. Carole would sympathise. And to be honest according to today's stats she'd be good for a few bob too. So come on oldies! Slow and steady wins the race!

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3pm: Spending Your Winnings


Some ideas to inspire you, if you place a bet now, and your team comes through for you tomorrow night.

1. Despite their existential dilemma (haven't all of us wondered, at some time or other, "What is the Universe?"), or perhaps because of it, the terrible two are sticking at a solid 5/4. Don't be sad, though - why not spend your £22.50 winnings on a ticket to see McFly playing live?

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2pm: Best Bets


According to the latest stats, Amanda and Sam are still riding high at 5/4. They're followed by Brian (4/1), Liam (33/1), Jonty (269/1), Ziggy (89/1) and Carole (239/1).

Not to sway your bet or anything, but there's more chance we'll discover an alien, Elvis-impersonating Lord Lucan in Loch Ness this year than see Carole or Jonty walk off with the prize money on Friday...

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5pm: Brian and the twins - joint faves to win Big Brother!

brian%2Bamanda.jpgAt the moment of going to press, Brian and Samanda (ooh, I haven't said that in a while... feels good) are joint favourites to win, with Virgin Bets currently listing them at 2/1 each. There's no doubt, I'd say, that Sam and Amanda have gained a huge advantage in being treated as one housemate - probably more than one. Not only do voters not have to choose between the two, they know that they'll never have to cope with life in the house on their own, and they they'll have each other to lean on when they leave the house.

Brian does still have a massive following, and deservedly so, but the tide seems to be turning, and I really wouldn't be surprised if we had two winners of BB8, come Friday 31st August.

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Brian becomes the people's favourite

brian1.jpgOver the last few weeks, I've been charting the Favourites To Win, because, well, I find it interesting. It's cool to see how fickle we are, how we react with knee-jerk speed to an argument here or a flare up there. It's hard to believe now, but at first, we thought Laura was a definite winner. Little did we know that she's actually petty, stubborn and small-minded (you're right, I don't think she's a great loss to the show).

Then Gerry came along and, dazzled by his intellect (after something of a dearth of the stuff prior to him coming into the house), we made him the favourite to win. Then we realised that Liam is an incredibly decent guy, and, remembering that decent guys nearly *always* win BB, all the money went his way. But move over guys - it's Brian's turn.

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Liam becomes new favourite to win

liamwinner.jpgYup, move over Gerry, there's no place for your common sense and intellect here thank you very much. This is Big Brother, dammit, and don't you forget it. So now, the people's favourite, according to Virgin Bets, is now the man with the telephone-number bank balance, Liam.

Actually, while Gerry's my favourite housemate at the moment, it's pretty hard to find a problem with Liam being the favourite (except, maybe, that he would win the prize fund all over again!). He's laid-back, funny, likes "family, reading, nights out with the lads" and dislikes "rudeness". Not much to argue with there, is there? And for a while, we thought he was going to be the one to thaw the frosty heart of man-hating Nicky, and he probably has.... but inadvertently, it would seem.

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Has Big Brother passed its sell-by-date?

Laurabb8.jpgIs it me, or is BB8 already feeling a bit tired and worn out? This year, Big Brother is far from boring with a clutch of incidents to keep us twittering by the water cooler, but it feels like it has failed to really capture the nation enough to keep it well and truly rapt. If that is the case, then why do we (well, maybe it's just me) feel like this?

The third Big Brother is widely regarded as the most boring BB in history... much like a band struggling to come up with a decent third album ('difficult third album syndrome). Now, Big Brother feels like the release of a new Rolling Stones LP. Hardly offensive, but by the same token, not really received with welcoming arms and ears. Big Brother is beginning to smell a bit funky.

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Posted by Mof Gimmers on June 20, 2007 3:56 PM in Big Brother's Big Mouth| Favourites To Win| Get Them Out!
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Do first impressions still count?

carole1.jpgWhen the nominations came in yesterday, the BBLB audience were shocked by the fact that Carole and Tracey are up for eviction. Now, I'm utterly on-message, and agree that Shabnam needs to go - she can have her 'deals' and then disappear for ever more as far as we're concerned. But have we been judging Carole and Tracey on their audition tapes for too long?

Carole really needs to stop doing all the housework if it's stressing her out so much, and could start actually taking part in group discussions rather than just wandering off when it all gets too much. Yes, I am agreeing with Samanda there, and according to the stats provided by our partners over at Virgin Bets, more and more people are coming around to the same opinion.

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Yay Or Nay Wednesday: Are Gerry and Seany good additions to the house?

seany.jpg Yes, it's Yay Or Nay Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen, time for you to air your views on a particularly salient issue. This week, our latest additions to the house come under scrutiny: do they add anything to the house?

The answer - don't let me persuade you here - is yes. Gerry is a little over-emotional, granted, but he's also articulate, interesting, fun and understanding. I took an instant dislike to Seany, after he snapped at Gerry in the Diary Room ("I *can* read!") but I think I jumped in too soon and I apologise. He's another one who can actually string a sentence together and God know's we need that. And I don't know what went on under the covers, but their friendship is increasingly endearing.

But what do you think? Has the house benefitted from them coming in?

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Gerry becomes instant favourite

gerry.jpg He may have only been in the house for twelve hours, but new contestant Gerry is already the favourite to win, according to our partners over at Virgin Bets, with odds of 13/2 at the time of writing. He's an interesting one certainly. He's originally from Greece, he's gay but apparently bored with men, and he's highly educated in the field of ancient civilizations.

Gerry wasn't the only addition, of course. 25-year-old Seany also made his entrance into the house last night looking, it has to be said, like a Nu-Rave Sylvester McCoy-era Doctor Who. Interesting look. There was instant friction between the two new housemates in the Diary Room, and it seems that viewers have taken against Seany - at 23/1 only Nicky and Charley have longer odds.

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