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Dragon's Den: inventor becomes millionaire

pmo.jpgNot the most sexy story, this one, unless you are aroused by cables - a fetish most of us grew out of with the advent of the wireless revolution (mmm, optical mouse). A businessman whose invention made him the star of BBC's Dragon's Den has made his first million since appearing in the show last December - and without spending any of the £150,000 investment. Peter Moule was granted the cash for his electrical wire junction box, the "Chockbox" and has since bagged some lucrative deals with DIY giants.

BUT WHAT THE HELL IS IT?!?! Pictures here and here. It's something to do with making connections between wires without having to use electrical tape. I'm sure the 'mechanically minded' will understand. It might be fine. There's even a chance all this doesn't definitely mean the droid army are in town, and they're going to take over my mind.

Peter Jones - the secrets of my success

pjo.jpgIsn't it funny how, the more you find out about someone's income, the more attractive they become? What might have been awkward, mumbling and spud-faced in another context becomes 'boyish', 'charming' and 'self-effacing' when viewed through the pound-shaped contact lenses.

Step forward Simon Cowell and Peter Jones. Simon we hear a lot about, but Peter still has a slight mystique about him. Maybe it's because we sense he probably does have a real job just like us - but with more expensive pens and heavier business cards... and there's the feeling you might just see him in the office, signing his holiday up on the calendar and half-inching toner like everyone else. Maybe we just like the fact he's 6 foot 7. Whatever it is, here's that interview you ordered. Now pop over the fold for Pete's 5 golden rules for business success...

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American Inventor: Easy-X, the portable gym

So, the portable gym. Initially you think, could work? Then you think... isn't it massively heavy? Can't you just pack it all into its holdall and lift that over your head instead? The magic happens around 1.50. All things considered, I think it'd be easier just to carry round some steroids. Ah, stupid inventions. Only in America. And, er, the UK.

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Panto Poll: Is Peter Jones the new Simon Cowell?

What do you reckon? Word on the street is, American Inventor has earned Dragon's Den entrepreneur Jones a reputation as the monster beyond all monsters. But is he really a pretender to the Cowell crown? Have your say, below...

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Reality TV Moments Of The Year #5

It's Steve Johnston with the clever, if uncommercial idea, "Storycode". I love it... and not just because he's probably somehow related to me. They have a bit of a scrap towards the end here, too, which is nice. And I love the way Richard Farleigh says "Amazon", phwoar, etc.

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Dragon's Den: The Youdoodoll

An uncharacteristically nail-biting moment in the Den last week. But isn't it just sticking a print-out of your face onto a stuffed dummy? I do that already.

For more of lovely Sarah Lu - her own video diary - click 'continue'!

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Classic reality tv: Reggae Reggae Sauce

Not enough reggae in reality television, is there? I guess the Big Brother twins were never going to be Aswad fans but I'd hoped for more from the Lloyd Webber franchise. Anyway, this is the music video for the Dragon's Den hit product... If you want to see how all this started, check out the wikipedia on Levi Roots or watch this clip but be warned - it does end a bit abruptly. Has anyone tried Reggae Reggae Sauce? I bet it'd go great on some rasta pasta.

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