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What Americans think of 'Strictly' and 'Stars'

st.jpgTo celebrate the 100th episode of Dancing With The Stars, there's an interesting piece in Variety today about the pure disbelief with which the pitch was received by the states. Salient points below...

Conrad Green, the British "factual entertainment" chief who would become executive producer of ABC's version, said that the US was initially hesitant, and even the celebrity component didn't impress: "One network president said, 'If that works, I should resign.'"

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The Singing Office: Mel B & Joey Fatone to host

mbj.jpgSpice Girl and Dancing With The Stars runner-up Mel B will be teaming up with 'N Sync's Joey Fatone to present a new reality TV talent show. The stars will co-host The Singing Office, in which different groups of co-workers compete in a light-hearted way. Mel Brown says: "It's not like American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. It's not a serious competition. It gives people a break from their everyday lives to have some fun with their co-workers." I like the sound of it! The Singing Office will air on U.S. cable network TLC later this year, and, no doubt, in video clip form on this very blog. Hey, no promises. I'll see what I can do.

Reality round-up: Who's crazy in love with Kerry? Dancing with the Pacinos, and Strictly Come Cooking

Denise Van Outen is obsessed with Kerry Katona's moribund wifestyle show "Crazy in Love". Well, I'm glad someone is.

Al Pacino's expressing interest in Dancing With The Stars! What do you reckon to that, eh, all you doubters who reckon our celebs on Strictly are just as starry..?

...and talking of dancing, Anton du Beke, as the excellent Paul Hirons over at TV Scoop points out, has just landed his first presenting job. He'll be heading up a show called So You Think You Can Cook. Amateurs will cross, um, wooden spoons with real chefs and, um, someone will give someone a roasting, or go off the boil or something. COUGH.

If you want to take part cut and paste this into your email To: field, with the subject header "It is me. I think I can cook.": soyouthinkyoucancook@endemoluk.com.

Watch Kylie live on Dancing With The Stars

Bit of a Pris from Bladerunner look going on here, wouldn't you agree? Here's Kylie debuting her new song All I See on the US answer to Strictly, Dancing with the Stars. Pictures of her other costume (and the other Minogue) here. The outfit she's got on for Can't get you out of my Head is a bit... surprising. So tell me, what do you make of Kylie's new song? Is it enough to crack the States?

Dancing With The Stars - Priscilla Presley

They're up to week two of the latest series of Dancing With The Stars over in the states, and everyone's raving about this performance by Elvis's ex, Priscilla. She's 62! Amazing. She's had a bit of work done, I think. But blimey, look at her! I'm have what she's having.

Honestly though, doesn't this show put Strictly Come Dancing to shame? Over here we have underemployed TV presenters and retired sportsmen. Over there they have someone who used to be married to Elvis Presley. Alright, maybe I'm being too harsh on our home-grown talent. We do, let's not forget, have Rowland Rivron... and no heir to the Graceland estate is going to take him away from us.

Dancing With The Stars - line-up revealed

- and on the whole, it looks like a good 'un. I could take or leave Priscilla Presley but it's going to be great to see Steve Guttenberg again. And remember 90s comedy magician Penn, from Penn and Teller? Do us a trick Penn! I hope they let him. Monica Seles is there, too, alongside some actresses Marlee Matlin and Shannon Elizabeth, R'n'B singer Mario and American footballer Jason Taylor.

TV stars Cristian De La Fuente and Marissa Jaret Winokur, figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi and comedian Adam Carolla make up the numbers, but hopefully they'll get knocked out early and someone we've actually heard of will win.

Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris will host and Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba will judge. The show will kick off in the US on March 17 (I know, surely the last series only just ended?) ...we'll be keeping an eye on it and posting clips when they come!

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