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Panto Poll: Who do you want out tomorrow?

eye08.jpgWell my friends, we have passed the half-way mark. The housemates are tired. The viewers are tired. Everyone's lost their buddies, their faith in each other, and their mojo. Will Big Brother be brave enough to over-rule viewers votes and evict everyone but Darnell? Who they then leave alone in the house, with the cameras rolling 24/7 until September? Sadly, probably not, but a girl can dream. Cast your play-vote over the page!

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Big Brother Poll: who should go this Friday?


Oh Big Brother, just take all of them. Darnell, Bex and Mohamed are ALL up for eviction this Friday.

The housemates moved into the Garden Area where Bex told the others: "I knew it was gonna be three people and it was exactly as I predicted." Brrr! Creepy. Say Bex, anything in your crystal ball there about you and Luke??

Now, you know what I'm going to ask... don't you? Who should go? Vote over the turn...

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Panto Poll: Are you glad Luke was dumped?

luke3.jpgYoung Luke, as we know, has been publicly ditched by his bespectacled teenaged lovely, Gina. But is he really such a love rat? How do we feel about the dumpage? Get your vote on, kids.

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Panto Poll: Who do you want out tomorrow?

So. It's between these two monkeys is it. Is Rex sexy, girls? Doesn't he look a bit like a less pigmented version of Nasty Nick? On the other hand, Belinda wants to stay in the house so bad you've got to wonder what she's on the run from. It's like the island from Lost in there, really it is.

Rex and Belinda: who should go? YOU DECIDE.

(Please say Rex)

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Panto Poll: Who's the sexiest housemate?

The kids have been rating themselves according to how fit they think they are. Poor old Kathreya here has gone with 'one out of ten' which seems a bit extreme, considering Rex considers himself "100". Anyway - who would you like to be 'locked' in the 'big brother house' with, if you know what I mean? (Do you know what I mean? Do I?)

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Panto Poll: Who should go... Mario or Rebecca?

marbex.jpgSo it's Mario vs Rebecca is it? I'm not sure whether I really have to ask but... who of these two fresh-faced young lookers do you want out this Friday?

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Panto Poll: Who's your fave, Dannii or Cheryl?

A cynic might say that Cheryl was only hired as an X Factor judge because show bosses know that two hotties on the panel might make for strained relationships and competitiveness. Turns out they seem to be getting on pretty well. But who is your fave? Do you trust the young whippersnapper? Perhaps you think it's time Dannii stepped aside?

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Rex and Jen: who should go?

Bossy Rex and 'fake' Jen. Hmm, it's a toughie. Dale reckons Rex "tries to really control a lot of things. It's like he's telling housemates what to do". Luke is also bothered by Rex's controlling nature: "The guy is an utter control freak and he doesn't understand what it's like to be in a situation that he's not controlling." Jen's nomination for Rachel is by far the best though: "She's like an insincere Cheshire cat with her smiling." Yes, look at her with her... SMILING. HER INFERNAL SMILING. But what do you think?

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Panto Poll: Is Jen playing a game?

Sorry to keep harping on about Jen and her romances, but really what else is going on in there? My question to you is this: does she have a 'game plan'? Sure, we're all enjoying her insane preoccupation with the idea that Stu is some kind of magic man built in the Big Brother labs for her personal delectation. But are all these crushes and silliness real, or is she cleverer than she looks, and it's all part of a BIG PLAN of some sort?

Fight of the week: Dennis 'removed' for spitting in Mohamed's face

We all know he's gone, but were they right to take him out? I mean, do we live in a world where spitting isn't allowed, but behaving in myriad other insufferable and unacceptable ways that may or may not involve saliva is fine? Have a look-see at the clip overleaf (warning: fights! It's not pretty) and tell me what you think...

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Panto Poll: Are Dale and Jen for real?

Well, as real as these things ever can be IN PRISON. What do we think of Dale and Jennifer? It's hard to run those two names together, Brangelina stylee, which is a bad sign in general (we could go with Dennifer for a while if it makes you feel better) - but they do seem to get on well. Clip over the turn if it helps your decision - watch with the sound off and eye the body language. Plus that way you don't have to listen to what they're saying. Then vote? Just a thought.

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Panto poll: Is Cheryl really too thin?

I think this one might divide people, and it's not a typical Panto issue... but it is about the X Factor, kinda, and it'd be remiss to avoid the issue altogether. Soon-to-be X Factor host Cheryl Cole, lots of people are saying, is 'painfully thin'. I'm always suspicious of skinny bashing, especially when it's accompanied by "such a pretty girl, too (sigh, shake of head). Such a shame." But enough about me. Cast your eyes over this and tell me: what do you think?