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Big Brother: Belinda's gone...

Oh Belinda, Belinda. We won't really miss you. But you have GOT TO LOVE THE SNORING. I mean, wow! Is she definitely humanoid? Some kind of terrible accident in the lab with a pig, a chainsaw and that dodgy particle transmogrifying machine Jeff Goldblum uses in The Fly? Let's see it again.

Classic Big Brother: Watch Nikki's audition video

"I think I'm just special. Special". We can't argue with that. Check out this oddly cute video of BB7's Nikki in a funny hat, long before she had any kind of fame. She's actually something of a natural on camera. I don't mean to sound surprised.

Big Brother 3 - watch the housemates go in

A blast from the past for you, today. Remember back in 2002, when there were only about 10 people in the crowd and they had to whoop REALLY LOUD to make it seem like loads of people were there? And all the cars just pulled up on the kerb and they all got out at the same time?! Mental. Here's the first time Jade Goody was introduced to the house, and the world. What do you think? Shall we keep her?

Classic Big Brother: Pete wins Big Brother 7

Experience the delight all over again. Here's Pete throwing furniture around and trying really hard not to swear "live on Channel 4". Ah, Pete! So excited! Don't you just want to eat him up?!

Classic Big Brother: Nasty Nick. Remember the 'house meeting'?

Ah, Nasty Nick. Far and away the best Big Brother villain we've ever seen in all his corporate drabness, and now a property developer (so perhaps there is some justice). In the absence of anything worthwhile happening in the house in 2008, let's cast our mind back to the dawn of the Millennium. Those halcyon days when baddies were bad, and goodies were builders from Liverpool...

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Classic Big Brother - Barrymore and Burns have a moment

Man this is beautiful. In a week when troubled genius Michael Barrymore is back in the news for his return to the stage (he plays Spike Milligan in the ace-sounding Surviving Spike at Windsor's Theatre Royal), let's see one of his happier moments in the Big Brother house, 2006. Here he is singing an impromptu duet with Pete Burns, over toast and coffee one morning. I wonder what Faria's doing now.

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Big Brother twins lose weight, feel great


From this angle at least, it would appear the twins have lost a bit of weight. More astonishingly though, according to Heat , they've been signed to Select. Which is a proper modelling agency, and everything. I like the twinnies, don't get me wrong, and I'm no Cindy Crawford myself. But these two modelling? In like, magazines and stuff? Hmm... I'm on the fence about this. What do you think? Get over yourself and leave a comment for once.

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Reality TV Moments Of The Year #7

Come with me, people, down memory lane. Let's forget our worries, and how bloody freezing it is outside, and relive those halcyon days when our most pressing concern was who's going to evicted next? Imagine letting a tv show rule your life! Eesh, what fools we were. Thank god we're not like that any more, huh? Friends, I give you... the nightclub task.

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Classic Big Brother: Would you like meeee to be the cat?

Quiet day for reality tv today (I refuse to cover the "Penny Lancaster wants a baby"/"Mel B's looking a bit thin" stories) - so here's a lovely Thursday afternoon treat. And I hope you've eaten because, boy oh boy, it's even more nauseating than you remember...

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Big Brother: Endemol Chairman leaves the family

The Independent (oh yes, we read real newspapers too) today reports that the, er, godfather of Big Brother - Peter Bazalgette - is leaving the Big Brother producer Endemol after nearly a decade.

One of the most influential figures in broadcasting, Bazalgette made his plans to leave known earlier this summer. Bazalgette leaves Endemol - who also make Deal or No Deal to pursue projects in digital media. Smart man. I don't want to give too much away, but we may be having a new blogger joining us here at Panto soon... I'm joking of course. Bazalgette would never work for us. For one thing, he's the director of online polling firm YouGov, and we use Poll Daddy.

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Battle of the reality stars - Charley takes on Matt Willis

charleybelt.jpgBig Brother 8 and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here collided when Charley Uchea had former Busted star Matt Willis thrown out of nightclub after a big fat row, say reports. According to the Daily Star the pop singer had been advising one of Charley's fellow Big Brother housemates, Seany O'Kane, to keep well away from the South East London (Sh)It Girl.

Charley apparently overheard the discussion and confronted the musician over his comments, attacking him verbally. A source claims that Willis "couldn't get a word in edgeways" with the ex-housemate. Surprised? Security were then forced to ask the pop star to leave the London Egg nightclub. A source commented:" He went without a fuss because he didn't want to cause a scene." Are you listening Charley?

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Nikki Graeme has saucy snaps taken with another gal!

nikkivomit.jpg Whilst innocently looking for something else (I know... I've already incriminated myself by protesting) I stumbled across some of the most disturbing pictures ever taken. The NSFW (that's 'Not safe for work' for those of you who rightly avoid abbreviating absolutely everything) snaps feature Big Brother strop Queen, Nikki Graeme in various states of undress with another largely nude lady.

Now, I don't really care if people take snaps like these... it's none of my business... but looking at these made me feel rather uncomfortable. Nikki looks like someone with learning difficulties being taken advantage of... and that's what makes me feel so very uncomfortable. I've no idea if these are pre or post BB, but still, they don't make for nice viewing.
Click here to see the full array of horrifying pictures.

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