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See Cirque Surreal at the Trafford Centre

Do you live in the north? Fed up with everything always happening down south? Well, put your pint of stout down and call off the whippets - a phantasmagoria of wonderment is happening on your doorstep (if you happen to live right outside the Trafford Centre in Manchester) this weekend.

Cirque Surreal "boasts 25 world class artists in a remarkable fusion of ballet, physical strength and acrobatics with their latest show called Voyagers." You'll recognise quite a few of the performers from Sky One reality show Cirque de Celebrite - artists from Cirque Surreal trained a group of celebrities in circus skills. Visit www.cirquesurreal.co.uk, call 0871 702 9505, or just hang around outside the Trafford Centre, Manchester between April 10-27 and look out for people driving cars that are far too small for them and men with really unusually long legs.

Cirque de Celebrite: Hai it's Liam off Big Brother 8!

And... he's actually pretty good! He's one of the two new clebs to enter the ring last weekend. If you think he's better than Rebecca Loos, call 09011 161 202 by midnight on Saturday 17th November and get her out. Or, if you hate geordies and/or have a problem with your vision, call the Rebecca hotline for a good time: 09011 161 201. You might want to check the terms and call charges here first though.

Cirque is on Sky One and Sky One HD every Sunday at 7:30pm. Get your circus ass overleaf for more infos.

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Posted by on November 16, 2007 4:00 PM in Cirque De Celebrite
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Cirque de Celebrite: Rebecca Loos

I know, right? A few days practicing, and this is the best she can do? Oh well, at least they got Alan Partridge to do the voiceover. The fabulous fire-eating extravaganza that is Cirque de Celebrite is on Sky One on Sundays at 7.30pm.

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Cirque de Celebrite: Own Your Own Circus!

cdc.jpgRoll up! Roll up! Fans of Cirque, it's your lucky day! No longer will you have to wait till 7.30pm on Sunday nights to see your favourite Big Top-themed celebrity reality show. With the new Cirque Manager game, you can own your own circus! Well, kind of. The game "will see you in charge of training your acts and running the show, with weekly top scores getting the chance to win VIP tickets to go and see Cirque de Celebrité live, as well as other prizes including Sky subscriptions and even real circus training." Sweet.

(For those whose tv doesn't accept signals from space, there are video clips of the show here.)

Posted by on November 13, 2007 2:00 PM in Cirque De Celebrite
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