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Leanne, star of Britain's Next Top Model & former ugly duckling

lna.jpgThere's hope for us all, even those of us who continue to believe we might yet bloom into a beautiful swan, as we paddle around the pond making unmistakable quacking sounds with our un-swanlike bills.

This is a real ugly ducking story, too. Not one of those "ooh I was such a GOOF" says stunning Eva Longoria type things.

This is the story of an 18 year old kid called Leanne Nagle, who's currently doing well on Britain's Next Top Model. Growing up, our Leanne wasn't just a bit plain. She didn't just have to wear milk-bottle glasses with plasters stuck over them. She didn't just have a limp, braces, bad skin, a lisp or any of those other things that we all endured. No, Leanne, my friends... Leanne had an eye patch.

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Reality round-up: Chanelle's sex tape in full, Arlene's revelations, BNTM reviewed and Gillian McKeith's in rubber

chan.jpgWe weren't fooled by the Chanelle 'sex tape' publicity stunt, but now the whole clip has been released I have to admit even Panto didn't expect it to be quite so... horrid. Here's the full thing. Do you find it amusing? Do you also laugh at those 118 118 posters?

And it's nail-biting stuff over at Strictly, as Arlene reveals the judges' contracts haven't been renewed. They've all been demanding more money, of course, which might have something to do with it.

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Britain's Next Top Model - plastic bag couture

For those that missed it, here's a sample of last night's ep of BNTM. Now - is this fashion? Or is it a load of old plastic bags? Very worthy cause, mind. But I'm not sure what they're suggesting. Instead of throwing away our plastic bags... we should wear them? Well, I'm game if you are.

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Britain's Next Top Model - meet the girls

bntm.jpg"Yes, the series has woken from its slumber, like a big lanky tousle-haired giant, and is back on LIVING from Monday April 21st.

There are going to be more models and more episodes than before, with supermodel Lisa Snowdon returning to front the series, joined by two fresh faces - Gerry DeVeaux and (honestly) Huggy Ragnarsson. Gerry is a contributing style editor for Tatler and an Ambassador* for the famous Fashion Rocks event.

Icelandic ex supermodel turned fashion photographer, Huggy Ragnarsson is also an internationally renowned photographer and has shot covers for Vogue and Marie Claire. Meet some of the models over the jump...

*The capital 'A' there came from the blurb on the Living TV website but I decided to keep it because of the lovely retro Ferrero Rocher feel it lends this blog post.

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