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Britain's Got Talent - Snooker dog Blue dies

sfo.jpgI'm not mourning this one on my own, I'm dragging you lot down with me. I'm afraid poor old Blue is no longer with us. He has been accidentally killed by his owner Geoff Davies. Davies told The Sun: "Blue was up to his normal tricks, chasing a JCB I was driving. It was such a warm day he took cover under a tractor. I moved from the JCB to the tractor.

I didn't know he was under the wheels. As soon as I realised what had happened I was horrified. It was too late to call the vet, so I sat with him while he drifted off." He added: "Of all the things, I was the one who ran him over."

Let's remember Blue by watching the clip of him 'playing snooker', overleaf...

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New show for Amanda Holden?


Moon-faced talent show judge Amanda Holden is tipped to present a new show about making people's dreams come true. The Wish List is made by Ant & Dec's production company, and will see Holden setting up wonderful 'experiences' for unwitting civilians.

A source said: "Think Jim'll Fix It meets Surprise Surprise. [Dear God - Ed] Each week Amanda will give people the chance to live out their dreams on TV. If you've ever wanted to sing with Take That or do a base jump into the Grand Canyon, she could make it happen. With the credit crunch tightening its grip people are in need of some feelgood TV. This will be just the tonic."

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Shit Lookalikes: Britain's Got Talent's George Sampson and Juno

Presumably it's not like with babies, and all kids who are in their mid-teens actually don't in fact look basically the same, but going on the below evidence..? Ellen Page from Juno (and Hard Candy) and George Sampson, winner of Britain's Got Talent. Separated at birth?


Britain's Got Talent: Sampson signed for top musical

gsamp.jpgLife just keeps getting better for everyone's favourite breakdancing jailbait. Not content with Natwest deals, dvds and performing in front of the Queen, George Sampson has just been signed up for an all-singing, all-dancing stage show called Into The Hoods. George will perform in the hip-hop show for four weeks, beginning on August 5th.

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BGT winner George meets David Cameron

gsamp.jpgAnd nice as he was, George has a theory that theTory leader has no rhythm. The Britain's Got Talent winner spent an afternoon at London's St Thomas's Hospital with the Cameron this week. Lord knows who set that meeting up, or why.

Anyway, when asked whether he thought the party leader was "smooth on the dancefloor" he said, (to his obvious credit) "He struck me as the type of guy who would stand at the back of the dance hall and just move his shoulders. He has got no rhythm. He looked like the kind of guy who would be an embarrassing uncle." And just when you thought he couldn't get any more adorable: "He was nice to me but he didn't have much to talk about. He didn't really say anything other than talk about the hospital." Not quite sure what George was expecting.

Britain's Got Talent: George Sampson gets £1M advertising deal

gsamp.jpgMore good news for George. According to reports he's just signed a £1million deal with NatWest. Which is a lot of money (although considering as a bank they have a big money-printing machine out back, I guess it isn't as much as it seems. Hey, it's all relative.) It's hoped that hip young George will be able to promote the bank's products aimed at teenagers.

As well as appearing in TV ads, George's - goodness me - face will appear on five debit cards, and he'll get to design another one.

Fourteen year old George said: "It's absolutely mint. I hope NatWest have enough cards -- for all the girls, especially." Apparently he's also in "talks with fashion labels".

Sharon Osbourne to talk reality TV at Edinburgh

sharonosb.jpgYes, Sharon O will be discussing the reasons celebrities appear on reality shows at this year's snappily-titled MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. Something of an expert on the topic, she'll share stories from her work on The Osbournes, The X Factor and America's Got Talent in a panel discussion called, wait for it, I'm A Celebrity: Get Me On TV.

A press release states: "In the last 12 months audiences have seen Jodie Marsh marry a stranger, Kerry Katona give birth, Steve Strange manage a hair salon, and dozens of others embarrassing themselves in the name of entertainment." The debate will address "why it seems some celebrities will do anything for exposure". Whether the debate will also address its own role in the fame game, and then within that discussion, discuss that discussion and so on, in a kind of abstract, reality tv-themed version of infinite cats, they carelessly omit to mention.

Britain's Got Talent: George Sampson mania hits nation

gsamp.jpgLet's get this straight - there can be no doubt that George Sampson is utterly delicious. Don't get me wrong, I feel nothing but a wholesome maternal love for him. But what's he worth? 10p for a Chomp after school, and a monkey scrub? The Sun today reports that he's so important, so in danger, that security guards are being paid £15K a week to watch over his cherubic form. Three former SAS men have been brought in to guard the teenager, after a hysterical reaction to him on the BGT tour. But one has to wonder: are all these reports of George Sampson mania coming from the George Sampson camp? He's lovely, but really. Security guards?

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In the tabloids: Gordon Brown on the Apprentice, Andrew Johnston's been signed, Dannii and Cheryl already at war?

gb.jpgHacks are annoying, aren't they? What do you do when someone sticks a mic in your face and asks you a question about the Apprentice when you're busy trying to run the country? Luckily Gordon Brown's a reality show fan.

He said: "Alan Sugar is perfectly capable of making his decisions and we should support him in his decision. But generally my advice to people is to tell the truth when they are applying for jobs. Because as was found in this case, it always comes out anyway." It's Sir Alan to you, Gordo.

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Britain's Got Talent: curse of George Sampson?

gsamp.jpgA couple of things have come up this week which force to me to ask - is the latest BGT winner cursed? Perhaps you think I'm over-reacting. I bet you said that about those Superman curse theorists too though, didn't you. Then he died.

Anyway - here's what I'm worried about with Georgie...

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Britain's Got Talent: George's song tops singles chart

gsamp.jpgDon't you just love the music industry nowadays? In my day, everyone in the country would have to get down to Woolworths and buy an LP before a record had a hope of topping the hit parade on the wireless. And now that you kids can 'download' 'tracks' we've got a situation where a song that accompanied a dance on a TV talent show can shoot to the top of the charts in a matter of hours. Mint Royale's remix of 'Singin' In The Rain' was used last week in the winning routine from teenaged breakdancer George Sampson. Rhianna's 'take a bow' has been knocked down to number 2.

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Britain's Got Talent: Gorgeous George's big break

gsamp.jpgThe Arnie Grape-faced lad, they say, has been approached by producers interested in turning his story into a Hollywood film. I know, it's all happening so fast!

But think about it - he does have an almost unfeasibly tear-jerking history... estranged father, breakdancing in the street for pocket money, even a serious medical condition. And I don't know about you, but I literally can't imagine anything better than another Billy Elliott film. What's keeping you? Make the movie, guys! Make the movie!

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