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John Loughton joins Constitutional Commission

john2.jpgWe haven't heard much from the Big Brother Celebrity Hijack kids, have we? So it's a pleasure to bring you some good news about winner John Loughton. John will be one of the new members of the Constitutional Commission, which holds its first official meeting in Holyrood today. That's Holyrood - the Scottish Parliament - not to be confused with Hollywood, the world movie capital, an equally wonderful but very different place which soldiers on lawlessly with no constitution to its name.

John will join 14 other politicians, academics and community workers on the commission, and the meeting is due to be held at 3pm.

Others expected to be on the panel include Glasgow University Professor Mona Siddiqui, former Tory minister Jamie Lindsay, Lord Elder and Baron Selkirk of Douglas, also known as James Douglas-Hamilton, a former Tory MSP.

Panto Poll: Do you hate Endemol?

They haven't had the best press, let's face it, but how do you feel about the Big Brother/One and Only/Supersize vs Superskinny/Deal or No Deal production company? They've got a new guy at the helm, Tim Hincks, but does he convince you? Here's what he told The Guardian this week:

"We've finally stopped talking the talk and we're starting to walk the walk. Quietly, below the radar, we're doing a project that is as big and important to us as Big Brother. I've called it, slightly pretentiously, user-generated reality. You have to be careful how much hype you put around it but I think it's about to go through a period of really rapid change. You can feel it and smell it."
I'm a bit worried that you can smell it. According to the same article, Endemol is also making an online, interactive reality show for Bebo. Pretty sure I can smell that one already.

Celebrity Hijack: Winner's Week!

Poor old Arata siblings had to go straight back to work at the circus in Berlin and missed out on all the interviews and parties that the other housemates enjoyed. But they've been having an interesting time of it anyway. Roll up! Roll up! Watch in amazement as Victor attempts to lift his now slightly heavier sister! Marvel at the vowels as Brian Sewell narrates!

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Shit Lookalikes: John and Pudsey Bear

Oh, we simply can't get enough of the cuddly toy comparisons, can we? I can't remember who said John resembled Pudsey Bear, but I do recall him saying he didn't want to be a "Big furry ginger charity bear". Still, can't have everything you want in life can you. Why not while away your Tuesday playing spot the difference with these pictures of politician John (right) and the Children in Need mascot (left).


Panto Poll: Did the best person win?

What do you think of last night's result? Do you begrudgingly accept that John deserved the prize? Do you wish he'd got there all on his own merit, rather than the free-pass-to-the-final business? If you feel strongly, leave a comment or vote below. Please. I beg you. Give some meaning to my pathetic existence.

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Big Brother Celebrity Hijack: John wins!

Yes, the ginger, Scottish 'charity bear' that is John Loughton has won the contest, with 53.9% of the final vote. Well done him and well done the public. He is both big and clever, and overall much better than Brian Belo. Quite a surprise to see Emilia get to number 2 though, especially as she walked out into a shower of boos (she got 46.1%, fact fans). Contort your way out of that one. And isn't Dermot soooo much better than Davina? Last night he said goodbye to the show forever. It is sad, but I'm sure he has gone to a better place. Like ITV.


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Panto Poll: Celebrity Hijack - how was it for you?

The final is coming, but what will the end of the latest BB spin-off mean to you? Hmm? Are you going to be getting up early tomorrow just to watch the sun rise on a glorious, brand new, Big Brother-free world? Or will you be donning a ginger wig and saying "I can't connect with anyone" in a Scottish accent for the next six months, just to try to cope with the pain? Vote.

Big Brother Celebrity Hijack: Day 22, 23 and 24


The final weekend's hijackers were Jimmy Carr, Malcolm McLaren and Kate Lawler. They're really running out of ideas now, so it was full marks to Malc for originality - he made them all paint their near-naked bods and roll all over giant bits of paper on the floor. Wine tasting too! He's surprisingly avuncular - some of the respect I lost for him when he bottled I'm a Celeb has been restored. Kate Lawler was nice, if a bit dull, and of course Kate and Malcolm didn't feel obliged to stay behind the cameras - both made time to stroll into the house like they owned the place. The "grammar" of the show does indeed seem to have been altered forever. Have you enjoyed this series? Are you worried about the summer? Does a show that lasts 3 times as long and features no kids with special skills or celebrities sound more, or less appealling now? Don't miss the final on E4 tonight, and of course check out the clips over the jump!

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Shit Lookalikes: John and Mumbles from Happy Feet

Oh only in certain positions, I'm not mental. It's the arch of his back, mainly, I think. And the way he dances, obviously.


Big Brother Celebrity Hijack: Day 21

jon.jpgRoseanne Barr today! She was only there for about twelve minutes but she was pretty good. You wonder what she was doing there at all. It's hard to believe Roseanne needs the money. Or watches the show.

Her task was "write and perform a stand-up routine". Now let's be honest, there aren't many laughs in that house. I don't care how talented those kids are in their own fields, a sense of humour is no one's strong point. Every single one of them decided to spend the whole time making up "jokes" about housemates then showing off to anyone who would listen. What would that be like, I wonder? Anyway. They were all rubbish except John and Amy, who were scarily good in their delivery. Roll the clip:

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Panto Poll: Who has the best voice?

It is my opinion that everyone in that house, with the possible exception of Amy, has very poor diction. As Anthony says, voices are important. At least, I think that's what he said. But whose do you like best? You might as well vote now, I suppose.

Big Brother Celebrity Hijack: Day 20

lat2.jpg...and a bit of day 21. Three weeks they've been in there now. I could've learned basic Italian in the time I've spent watching this show. Anyway. Tuesday was hosted by an increasingly sloshed Melanie Blatt and Nic Appleton, who took a very 'big sisterly' approach to proceedings. They came across pretty well, I thought; encouraging the housemates to open up to them about how they feel and, inevitably, who they fancy... and of course they gate-crashed the house for a couple of hours in the evening which the housemates seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

All the girls apart from Amy have given up plastering on the war-paint and I hate to keep saying it but everyone's looking sort of ill now. The surprise eviction was Latoya with 56% of the vote - and I think, to be honest, she's better off out of there. Let's robot-dance over the jump...

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