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Michael McIntyre to present Big Brother's Big Mouth

We literally cannot get enough of Michael McIntyre at the moment. His videos aren't going up on the Channel 4 site nearly as often as we need them to sate our endless thirst for the man, but this last one, about the new girls going in last week, is brilliant.

Impression of Sara: "I'm very pretty... from the front. From the side I kind of look like a hammer." And you thought I was mean. And Michael's presenting BBBM next week! Huzzah!

Shit Lookalikes: BBBM host (skinny one from Queens of Noize) and Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby

I can't be the first to have noted that the Big Brother's Big Mouth presenter bears a striking resemblance to Mia Farrow in certain outfits, but I bet I'm the first to emphasise the mother-of-satan aspect with such pressing, needless, cruelty. Enjoy.


Big Brother - how to be in the audience

eye08.jpgA lot of people ask me, "Panto," they say, because it's actually my name. "Panto, I have travelled for months to find you and I am weary and weak. Tell me: how can I be in the audience on a Big Brother show?" And my answer is always the same. "When the time is right child, look into your heart and you will know." This sometimes irks people, admittedly but if Yoda and Dungeonmaster can get away with being maddeningly cryptic, I reckon why can't I? Like them, I am an elderly fictional sage in a fantasy story. Honestly, it's one rule for them and another for everyone else.

Anyway, to get on Big Brother's Big Mouth fill in this application form then email it to bigmouthaudience@endemoluk.com.

For Big Bro's Little Bro you need to fill in the form here and email it to mailto:bblbaudience@endemoluk.com.

And to be in the outdoor audience at eviction time, (plus loads of other cool shows) have a look-see here. [Wait, wait! Dungeonmaster! Don't go! ....What do you suppose he meant?]

Big Brother's Big Mouth presenters announced

eye08.jpgAnd I'm afraid there's no sign of lovely lovely James Corden and Matt Thorne. At least not yet. League Of Gentleman star Steve Pemberton - who is obviously great - will be hosting the opening night of the E4 show - according to Heat. A 19-year-old stand-up comedian called Jack Whitehall is set to host the opening night too, and Friday, while Big Brother's Biggest Fan Chris Moyles will be in from the 10th to the 13th of June. Check out the Big Brother news page for more updates! Or be square.

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Panto Poll: What do you make of James Corden's 'Beckham shoot'?

Oh yes, the Big Brother's Big Mouth presenter and comic actor is an unlikely sex symbol, that's for sure. But that's no bad thing, is it? We could do with a few more unlikely sex symbols. "I feel alive! I've never felt more sexual in my life," he said. But what do you think? Picture after "Continue"...

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Watch Russell Brand on Jonathan Ross

Here's the Brandy Wand on Friday's show, talking about the new film, the even newer film (based on his 'Booky Wook'), the old sex appeal... and stalking Venus Williams.

Russell Brand talks about new film role

fsm.jpgHere's the man himself on the BBC news site today discussing Forgetting Sarah Marshall, improv acting, the campaign to have the single released, and a second film in the pipeline... Didn't he do well!

Check out Russell Brand's pop video from new movie

rbr.jpgRussell Brand, as you'll recall, is going to appear as a rock star in new film Forgetting Sarah Marshall (in cinemas from April 25th). Never one to let a Russell story slip, Heatworld have the fake pop video. Check it out, won't you. Then tell me - what do you think? Based on this performance, could Russell be an actual pop star? Or is he a bit, you know... old.

Reality news round-up: Big Brother's Little Sister, Lloyd Webber's secret hit, and Dancing on Ice scandals

webber.jpgLloyd Webber had once had a chart hit that took him almost up to the top spot in the charts, but no one knows what it is...

Konnie Huq's name is still being bandied about for Big Brother's Little Brother, along with Alexa Chung and Miquita Oliver. Big Brother's Big Mouth will be back, too, with different guest presenters each week. Sorry Corden/Horne fans :(

and in the world of Dancing on Ice follow-up stories, Gareth Gates has been living it up with Emma Bunton's sister, even though he's engaged to someone else (not Emma Bunton) - incriminating photos right here.

...while Suzanne Shaw was £200,000 in debt and had to get her mum to send emergency food packages after Darren Day left her holding the baby. It's easy to judge but if we're honest, how many of us haven't been in that exact same position at some point in our lives? With Darren Day.

Panto Poll: Do you hate Endemol?

They haven't had the best press, let's face it, but how do you feel about the Big Brother/One and Only/Supersize vs Superskinny/Deal or No Deal production company? They've got a new guy at the helm, Tim Hincks, but does he convince you? Here's what he told The Guardian this week:

"We've finally stopped talking the talk and we're starting to walk the walk. Quietly, below the radar, we're doing a project that is as big and important to us as Big Brother. I've called it, slightly pretentiously, user-generated reality. You have to be careful how much hype you put around it but I think it's about to go through a period of really rapid change. You can feel it and smell it."
I'm a bit worried that you can smell it. According to the same article, Endemol is also making an online, interactive reality show for Bebo. Pretty sure I can smell that one already.

Big Brother Celebrity Hijack: Day 18

emi.jpgBlimey day 18? It's practically been a month. But however many hot-tubs they have, and however much pharoah-esque eye make-up they plaster on (and the eyeliner in this series could have a show of its own) there's no getting around the fact that the housemates are starting to look pretty dirty and tired. And tempers are frayed.

Yesterday's hijackers knew better than anyone that emotions are increasingly strained in the house, partly because they helped contribute to some of the tension with their very funny - if rather mean - commentary on Jade's eviction. Yep, the brilliant Big Mouth boys Matt Horne and James Corden invaded the house in last night's show, with about the mildest, friendliest hijack so far. In fact, the only thing approaching a task was a 'group hug'. Aw. Latoya and Emilia are up for nomination.

Shit Lookalikes: James from "BB's Big Mouth" and John


Hmmm... coincidence? Or something more sinister? Not saying James is definitely John's twin, and that he influenced his immunity to the eviction. Just opening up your mind to the possibilities, that's all. If you love them so much, why don't you marry them?

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