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Available For Panto is moving to TV Scoop

Exciting news! Available for Panto has a new home.

From now on, you'll be able to get your regular sarcastic reality telly news over here on our sister site TV Scoop. TV Scoop is a brilliant, widely-read blog about all kinds of telly so we're really chuffed to be on their turf. And it'll be the same old Panto with 'Shit Lookalikes', video clips, Big Brother commentary, taking the piss out of the tabloids etc.

Now, don't forget to update your RSS feeds and bookmarks, and we'll see you over there in a minute, yeah?

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Bobby Davro to appear on 'I'm a celebrity: get me out of here'?

bdav.jpgThe Star might not always be the most reliable source of hard news around, but it's never wrong about I'm a Celebrity rumours. Oh, wait. Yes. Yes, it is. That's what it's wrong about the most, in fact. And if we're honest, we're kind of hoping it's wrong about this one. Annoying comic-turned-Eastenders actor Bobby Davro might be in line for the next series of the jungle reality show. Reports at the weekend hinted Davro had quit the soap for a new project. He's also AVAILABLE FOR PANTO (cheer now) after being rumoured to appear in one this Christmas. Last week the comedian said: "I have had a fantastic year with EastEnders and made lots of friends. I hope to be back at some point."

Comments issues

Sorry friends, Panto comments will be down for a bit - but hang in there. Write them in a little notebook and tell us later. We'll wait, I promise.

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Tell us about 'My Video Life' and win £500 or some Dabs vouchers, in our easy-to-enter competition

In this age of reality tv anyone can make movies, star in their own show, and illegally film their hot neighbour through the window and post it on the internet. Shiny Media has teamed up with Visual Networking experts, Cisco, to offer tons of cool prizes and all you have to do is show us a video that illustrates 'My Video Life', just like this one...

The overall winner will get £500 worth of vouchers for a shopping spree and the chance to spend a day in the studio with Cisco's experts to make another video - plus have Your Video Life featured on the Cisco consumer web site. There are also eight £50 vouchers from top AV retailer Dabs up for grabs, so you have a really good chance of nabbing one of the prizes. Get going! The deadline is May 19th! Here's how to enter...

Reality TV news: Bigger Brother, Fergie's back, Brucie's replacement? The Baron's insulting...

eye.gifThis year the Big Brother house will be a third bigger. Sounds good, but does it just mean that they're going to up the number of housemates too? I sure hope not. LESS IS MORE, Big Brother bosses. LESS. IS. MORE.

As you'll recall, Fergie's fly-on-the-wall show about telling poor people how to eat properly was cancelled after a dead man was found at the home of the family the cameras were following. Well, it is going ahead after all, and will be screened at the end of the month.

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Reality TV news round-up: Chantelle's dress? American Idol's mess? X Factor for the US?

xfactoridol.jpgOver the pond, Brooke White's gone. David Archuleta, David Cook, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado battle it out for the American Idol crown.

Speaking of America, US hacks ask "are we ready for The X Factor? As American Idol viewing figures continue to plunge, could importing the more successful Cowell show be the answer?

It's been a bad week for Darius "Pop Idol" Danesh, as Trevor Nunn's Gone With The Wind opens in the West End to a critical battering. I had high hopes for this and I honestly can't bear to repeat what they've been saying about it (but that link will give you all you need.)

And we'll all have an excuse to do our mogwai voice again in a few weeks ("Bright light! Bright light!" come on, it can't just be me) - as Dragon's Den star Peter Jones is going to be starring in an advert, surrounded by Gremlins.

Oh and Chantelle, do you know what time it is? That's right, it's time for a new look.

Panto Poll: Which is the best Cowell show?

With Britain's Got Talent returning this weekend in all its dog-dancing glory, our thoughts return to Simon Cowell's varied and prolific career. So tell me, which show do you like best of all?

Reality TV news: Leona's throat, Keith's lemons, Nic's death threats, Presley's surgeon

leo.jpgLots of Leona stories about at the moment, many of them presumably motivated entirely by jealousy. She's got tonsillitis, she's got loads of money, Cowell's buying her a giant house, she's lonely... But let's get real, folks - how happy can that ugly cow really be? Oh give me a break, it's called a joke.

Keith Lemon takes on Mrs Osbourne in yet another spoof of the X Factor. Keith Lemon's Very Brilliant World Tour is on tomorrow, 10pm, ITV2.

Despite receiving Death Threats, Apprentice reject Nicolas de Lacy Brown is not to be deterred. "My ego is bigger than ever," he actually said. Might want to dial it back a bit bit mate...

and Priscilla Presley's former plastic surgeon was a bit dodgy. The doctor, nicknamed "Dr. Jiffy Lube", treated her in 2003 and has since been caught and charged. I know, warning bells should have been ringing, right?

Lembit Opik refuses to propose to Cheeky Girl

cheeky.jpgThey're already the most bizarre-looking pairing since Billie and Chris, but why shouldn't they get married? Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik must have his reasons. When presenters called for him to propose to his Cheeky Girl(friend) Gabriela Irimia on ITV show Mr & Mrs, he flatly refused.

The first episode of the revived 1970s game show will be screened next month, and will see the couple compete for a £30,000 prize. They'll be joined by Corrie actor Bill Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, and the Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe.

Reality news round-up: Big Brother's Little Sister, Lloyd Webber's secret hit, and Dancing on Ice scandals

webber.jpgLloyd Webber had once had a chart hit that took him almost up to the top spot in the charts, but no one knows what it is...

Konnie Huq's name is still being bandied about for Big Brother's Little Brother, along with Alexa Chung and Miquita Oliver. Big Brother's Big Mouth will be back, too, with different guest presenters each week. Sorry Corden/Horne fans :(

and in the world of Dancing on Ice follow-up stories, Gareth Gates has been living it up with Emma Bunton's sister, even though he's engaged to someone else (not Emma Bunton) - incriminating photos right here.

...while Suzanne Shaw was £200,000 in debt and had to get her mum to send emergency food packages after Darren Day left her holding the baby. It's easy to judge but if we're honest, how many of us haven't been in that exact same position at some point in our lives? With Darren Day.

"Billy Elliot style" musical to be made about Paul Potts

ppot.jpgI know, right? Tutus and that? An oversized Norman Pace skipping through the streets, pirouetting between parked cars? Can't see it working myself.

Maybe it's not Billy Elliot style in that sense, but we have to prepare ourselves. Anyway, the story is, Paul "Britain's Got Talent star" Potts is going to be starring in a Hollywood movie produced by none other than Simon Cowell.

Paul, of Port Talbot, Glamorgan, said: "I can't believe my life's becoming a film." One wonders in what tone he said it. Was he incredulous? Angry? Disappointed? Was this the first he'd heard of it? Was he making that face at the time?

In the tabloids: Suzanne's clothes, Gareth's stalker, Chantelle's bloke

gg.jpgShe's a C-lister in her own right now, but people are still asking her about the Hear'Say days - which must be annoying. Since that's what we're most interested in (let's face it) I can reveal she spent most of her Hear'Say money on clothes. Not wearing many of them here, though, is she? "I really love my job," she says. But if you're so happy, why do you look like you're about to burst into tears?

A crazed stalker broke into Gareth Gates's dressing room last week, and lunged at him when he came in, trying to "snog his face off" as The Star puts it. Before saying "oh sorry, wrong room". Presumably.

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