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New show for Amanda Holden?


Moon-faced talent show judge Amanda Holden is tipped to present a new show about making people's dreams come true. The Wish List is made by Ant & Dec's production company, and will see Holden setting up wonderful 'experiences' for unwitting civilians.

A source said: "Think Jim'll Fix It meets Surprise Surprise. [Dear God - Ed] Each week Amanda will give people the chance to live out their dreams on TV. If you've ever wanted to sing with Take That or do a base jump into the Grand Canyon, she could make it happen. With the credit crunch tightening its grip people are in need of some feelgood TV. This will be just the tonic."

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America's Got Talent: Derrick Barry

Nice to see Sharon's still getting work. Less excited to see Piers Morgan there... but what do we think of Derrick the Britney impersonator? Certainly Shazzer looks surprised, and it takes a lot to shock her. He has rather a stronger jawline than Britney but, weirdly, is a fair bit prettier. Just my opinion. Piers is the only one to buzz Derrick out, but he left it so late that one suspects he was conflicted between the desperate desire to see it through to the end and the abject fear of turning a bit gay.