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Top 5 most annoying Big Brother commentators


Davina has just done a list of top 5 Big Brother villains, so it's funny that she comes top of my 5 most annoying Big Brother commentators. Who else is on my hit-list? Come, I'll show you...

1. Davina McCall. That voice. That "sschhh" thing she does with her mouth. The over-the-top Carry-On film fakeness of it all. Go away go away!

2. Grace Dent. It's the moody, vain photos. It's the way she says "pain in the ass" even though she's English. It's the laboured sub-Charlie Brooker descriptions of people without the Charlie Brookerish self-deprecation. Everything about this girl rubs me the wrong way.

3. George Lamb. He's a commentator too far and his videos are rubbish Why do we need to hear what this guy thinks? Just ask some guy in the pub what he makes of Big Brother. It'll be more entertaining and probably more attractive.

4. Iain Lee. He's been annoying me on and off since The Eleven O'Clock show. But now he's saying "Word" at the end of his blog posts. Time's up Iain.

5. Tom Thurlow. I think tight editing of the videos disguises fundamental incompetence. Again, who is this guy? Who cares what he pretends to think?

(You're all saying that about me, aren't you?)


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