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Big Brother: Who's up for eviction?

eye08.jpgWell, who do you reckon? Come on, then...

Here's the statement from Big Bro:

"Dale and Luke this week will face the next Big Brother eviction via the public vote on Friday 1 August. Dale received six nominations with Luke receiving five. This afternoon, Big Brother informed housemates that a number of them including Head of House Stuart, had broken the fundamental rule of talking about nominations several times today. Housemates have been predicting who will face the public vote, as well as who they may have nominated. Many housemates have been talking about nominations in code. Effective immediately was the loss of Stuart's title of Head of House. Big Brother has said that there will be further consequences. As a result of the rule break Darnell, Rex, Mohamed, Rachel, Maysoon, Kathreya and Stuart will join Dale and Luke to face the public vote. Phone lines will open tomorrow."

Nine housemates up for eviction. I love that they've been communicating "in code"! I mean, which one? Morse? That language teenage girls talk in when they insert a funny noise into every other word in the belief that no one else will ever be able to de-cypher their Colossus-like encryption system?

So. With everything to play for, who should go?


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