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Big Brother: new bullying claims - and time Rex left?

rach1.jpgI have an exciting new bullying row for you. Rachel broke down in tears last night after housemates, led by Rex, laid into her. She was ready to quit as she sobbed in the Diary Room, and The Star reports that 'legions of viewers' think it's time producers stepped in. Rachel's been branded a "fake" a "liar" and perhaps most mysteriously, a "sell-out". Rachel is many things. Not all of them good. But a sell out? I'm sure all that will come - but for now, she's still in the house. She's barely even sold in.

After viewing her audition tape, Rex told her: "You're a liar. A sell-out. You have taken all the 'best bits' from previous housemates and merged them to get onto the show. It is the best act I've seen in my life. You're the most boring one here."

Stuart added: "What have I always said about Rachel? A fake. The girl in that VT is f***ing mint. But it's not the one in here." And Luke said: "It reveals who the biggest gameplayer here is." Bit rich.

In her defence, Rachel said: "I am lively but I would never dream of jumping in the pool with my boobs out. Back home people tell me to shut up because I never shut up. In here it's different. I'm a small fish in a big pond. The worst part of all of it is that people think I'm a fraud."


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