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Reality news round-up: Andy Abraham shuns X Factor, Claire's a dom, talent shows encourage degrees

aab.jpgAndy Abraham, our first port of call for quotes about the X Factor, of course, has said he might not bother watching X Factor any more now Sharon's gone. And, actually, he might have a point. It's a bit like taking Johnny Rotten out of the Sex Pistols and replacing him with, er, Cheryl Cole.

Claire Young, Apprentice runner-up, claims she gets messages from men asking her to be their dominatrix. "I have had some emails through my website from men saying they want to 'tame' me. They say I am a challenge." A challenge to soap, maybe. Have a wash, Claire!

and The Sun reckons talent shows boost number of applicants for performing arts degrees. University of Cumbria lecturer Richard Milburn said: "It's great shows are having a big impact. But some applicants just want to be famous and have no talent." I refuse to believe it.


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