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Shipwrecked - meet the Islanders

swr.jpgOne for the ladies, this. Let's pop over to Channel 4 and check out the new Shipwreckees on the video preview trailer. (They're calling them 'Shipwreckers' over there, but I think that's a bit misleading. Also a bit too much like 'homewreckers' and I'm quite sure none of them are that.)

We've met some of these boys already, but when I saw this new publicity shot I knew I'd have to share. Hop over the jump and tell me: who would you most like to be stranded on a desert island with? Sadly Bear Grylls isn't on Shipwrecked this year. I'll rephrase. Who of these men would you most like to be stranded with? Hmm? Tell me! That's what the comments section is here for! Shouting again, sorry.


Left to right: Marvyn, 26, from Leeds; Barrie, 24, Isle of Sheppey; James, 23, Northampton; Jack, 19, Essex; Danny, 23, Liverpool and Tom, 18, Sussex.

Shipwrecked starts on T4 on April 13. I guess there are women in it too, haven't noticed any though.


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I bet at least one is a brickie, a club promoter or a model. Possibly all three.

Posted by: Gemma | April 2, 2008 1:12 PM

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