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Reality round-up: Who's crazy in love with Kerry? Dancing with the Pacinos, and Strictly Come Cooking

Denise Van Outen is obsessed with Kerry Katona's moribund wifestyle show "Crazy in Love". Well, I'm glad someone is.

Al Pacino's expressing interest in Dancing With The Stars! What do you reckon to that, eh, all you doubters who reckon our celebs on Strictly are just as starry..?

...and talking of dancing, Anton du Beke, as the excellent Paul Hirons over at TV Scoop points out, has just landed his first presenting job. He'll be heading up a show called So You Think You Can Cook. Amateurs will cross, um, wooden spoons with real chefs and, um, someone will give someone a roasting, or go off the boil or something. COUGH.

If you want to take part cut and paste this into your email To: field, with the subject header "It is me. I think I can cook.": soyouthinkyoucancook@endemoluk.com.


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