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Big Brother Celebrity Hijack: Day 22, 23 and 24


The final weekend's hijackers were Jimmy Carr, Malcolm McLaren and Kate Lawler. They're really running out of ideas now, so it was full marks to Malc for originality - he made them all paint their near-naked bods and roll all over giant bits of paper on the floor. Wine tasting too! He's surprisingly avuncular - some of the respect I lost for him when he bottled I'm a Celeb has been restored. Kate Lawler was nice, if a bit dull, and of course Kate and Malcolm didn't feel obliged to stay behind the cameras - both made time to stroll into the house like they owned the place. The "grammar" of the show does indeed seem to have been altered forever. Have you enjoyed this series? Are you worried about the summer? Does a show that lasts 3 times as long and features no kids with special skills or celebrities sound more, or less appealling now? Don't miss the final on E4 tonight, and of course check out the clips over the jump!


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