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Cirque de Celebrite: Hai it's Liam off Big Brother 8!

And... he's actually pretty good! He's one of the two new clebs to enter the ring last weekend. If you think he's better than Rebecca Loos, call 09011 161 202 by midnight on Saturday 17th November and get her out. Or, if you hate geordies and/or have a problem with your vision, call the Rebecca hotline for a good time: 09011 161 201. You might want to check the terms and call charges here first though.

Cirque is on Sky One and Sky One HD every Sunday at 7:30pm. Get your circus ass overleaf for more infos.

The circus is back in town. Last year, after ten gruelling weeks in the Big Top, Grace Adams Short was crowned the victor. Now twelve more celebs are taking up the challenge of becoming the new circus champion under the watchful eye of host Jenni Falconer.

This year’s line-up includes Kyal Marsh (Neighbours), Hannah Waterman (EastEnders), Shane Lynch (Boyzone), Stacey Cadman (Cavegirl), socialite Lady Isabella Harvey, Princess Tamara (Road Test), Olympic athlete Dwain Chambers, Antonia Okonma (Bad Girls), footballer Dean Holdsworth, Ritchie Neville (Five), Luke Bailey (Casualty) and model Emily Scott.

The Cirque de Celebrité Big Top has witnessed tears, tantrums and broken bones leaving this year’s brave competitors under no illusions that behind the sequins, feathers and glamour, this contest is not for the faint-hearted. Britain’s biggest and best contemporary circus, Cirque Surreal, is charged with putting the celebrities through their paces on a physically demanding and emotionally draining journey. They have to learn skills that take the most accomplished circus performer’s years to master including the trapeze, the corde lisse, the blind-folded high-wire and the wheel of death under the watchful eyes of trainers Nikki Alexander and Jackie Léon-Sysum.

In each Sunday night’s live show the celebrities battle it out with ever more daring performances, hoping to thrill the audience and win the votes of both the expert panel of judges, including Gaby Roslin, Cirque Surreal creator Phillip Gandey and choreographer Louis Spence, and the viewers at home. These combined votes determine each week’s winner – the star with the least votes will pack their bags and say goodbye to the circus.

An all-new midweek show, Cirque: Backstage at the Big Top, Brian Dowling charts the celebs’ progress in training, taking viewers behind-the-scenes to reveal the personal triumphs and showbiz rivalries as the competition heats up.

And if that wasn’t enough, this year you will also have the chance to run your very own circus online! The all new Cirque Manager will see you in charge of training your acts and running the show, with weekly top scores getting the chance to win VIP tickets to go and see Cirque de Celebrité live, as well as other prizes including Sky subscriptions and even real circus training.

STILL IN THE RING: Kyal, Antonia, Stacey, Shane, Luke and Isabella.


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Now we really would have been perfect for panto. We were made for it. Oh well, maybe next year.

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