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Nikki Graeme has saucy snaps taken with another gal!

nikkivomit.jpg Whilst innocently looking for something else (I know... I've already incriminated myself by protesting) I stumbled across some of the most disturbing pictures ever taken. The NSFW (that's 'Not safe for work' for those of you who rightly avoid abbreviating absolutely everything) snaps feature Big Brother strop Queen, Nikki Graeme in various states of undress with another largely nude lady.

Now, I don't really care if people take snaps like these... it's none of my business... but looking at these made me feel rather uncomfortable. Nikki looks like someone with learning difficulties being taken advantage of... and that's what makes me feel so very uncomfortable. I've no idea if these are pre or post BB, but still, they don't make for nice viewing.
Click here to see the full array of horrifying pictures.


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Posted by mofgimmers on September 10, 2007 in Classic Big Brother, Where Are They Now? | Permalink


There pretty old I think.

Posted by: wodge | September 11, 2007 3:44 PM

Yeah they are old. Taken pre Big Brother. The same site has a lot of the BB girls in various states of undress and action. All from their pre Big Brother activities.

Amy Alexandra, Imogen Thomas, Aisleyne and more Nikki Grahame


Posted by: Davey | September 12, 2007 5:45 PM

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