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Housemate of the Week: Samanda

Picture%206.pngGenius. Its dead good.

I'm unsure how but I've grown in some weird way to warm towards the twins. When they waltzed in the househttp://www.virgingames.com/bets/markets.aspx?marketid=20439748, I adamantly thought they were a pair of airheads, lollypop holding airheads who loved pink. And now. Now. Well. I love 'em.

Its their 'be nice to all' attitude, the fact that they don't have anything nasty to say to anyone, its lovely. Its sickeningly refreshing in today's spiteful world.

I didn't think people like that could exist. Not really. I do hope that the inevitable fame which is going to gush down upon them doesn't affect their loveliness.

Their niceness has won them housemate of the week, possibly even housemate of the year. If they win. Which is possible.

Whatever happens they're going to be in the final top few. Currently, they're second favourite to win, behind Brian according to Virgin Bets. Ah Brian. But I think this will change. It can always change. They've done enough to win the public over.

They like pink, they like to have fun, they aren't complicated, they chat away unaware about anything and are generally pleasant girls. Highlights in the house? Erm. I'm struggling. They're hilarious when they're dressed up, I loved it when Amanda was dressed as a hot dog.

And aren't Big Brother clever. Hm, or predictable. Inspired by the Spice Girls, two became one. The public can now vote for the twins as one.

Oh my God. I love it.



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