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Big Brother Liveblog: Week 12, part 1

bb_eye.jpgSo here are again, BB fans, another eviction night, another twist. But this could be good for us - if it weren't for the 'everybody up for eviction' twist, we'd probably just have the newbies up again, wouldn't we? At least this way we get to say 'CAROLE - STOP CRYING!' and 'GERRY - SHUT UP!' and 'KARA LOUISE - ......' hmmm, what *does* anyone think about Kara Louise?

Righty-o, let's pop over the cut and keep refreshing for updates, shall we?

8.21 - You know, each week that I do the liveblog, I watch A Place In Spain: Costa Chaos. I can't get these minutes back.

8.25 - It's all strangely worth it when it comes to BB though...

8.30 - Davina's doing a little dance... man, I'm becoming less and less tolerant of her. There are shouts of 'Get Gerry Out', and *big* boos for him, Carole and Kara-Louise (yeah, horrible girl [/sarcasm]). Heart-warming cheers for Jonty, Brian and Liam, though - it's a while since we've heard cheers, isn't it?!

8.33 - Carole and Gerry are trying to make up, but seeing as though neither of them have changed their position, they're not getting particularly far. Unsurprisingly, Tracey just can't keep her nose out. I'm becoming less tolerant of her, as well.

8.36 - Tracey's still going on about Gerry lying about his age. Is it really such a big thing, or does she just not like the guy?

8.37 - Ziggy's in the diary room - complaining. Everything's going to form so far then!

8.38 - Brian and Liam are going to skinny-dip in the pool tonight if they stay in the house. Which means they definitely will be skinny-dipping.

8.40 - Oh here we go again, Carole's getting upset and tetchy over the tiniest thing, and *finally* Ziggy's seeing that she's the one in the wrong. The tide is turning, ladies and gentlemen!

8.46 - Davina's explaining how the eviction will work AGAIN. Yes, we get it.

8.49 - Liam and Brian are having a nice heart-to-heart - I honestly wonder if they speak this openly and sincerely with their mates out of the house?

8.50 - "This is Big Brother. Would Monkety-Tunkety and Freddie come to the Diary Room." Brilliant. Gives us a chance to hear that Munkety-Tunkety voice... The monkeys are going on holiday, and when they send the housemates postcards, they must try and work out where they've been. Sam said "Big Brother, you've gone mad" - well, quite. But it lightened the mood, didn't it?

8.56 - Amanda thinks that the only Jewish country in the world is Israq. Yup, Israq. As Dermot always says "yep, *definitely* got a game plan..." Haha.

9.01 - Again with the eviction explanation.

9.04 - Carole is strangely insightful, much as I dislike her. She said she thought that Gerry would have gone into the bathroom with the mop and fallen asleep... which is precisely what happened.

9.06 - The twins have correctly worked out where the monkeys have been! Do you love it?!
Twins: "It says Blackpool in the middle of it!"
BB: "That's because it's from Blackpool."
I love ad-libbing BB!

9.09 -Liam, Ziggy and Brian are all having fun taking the mickey out of each other, and saying how much they love each other. Awww. This is what's *meant* to happen by this point in a series!

9.15 - Now Carole and Tracey are trying to work out where the monkeys have been. I wish BB had made it stupidly hard, but no, they got it right. Dammit.

9.18 - Brian's having one of his little wobbles, and Tracey's trying to perk him up. She can be great with people she likes, but really quite horrid to people she doesn't.

9.19 - Amanda's in the Diary Room with Sam, trying to work through her feelings for Brian. It's clear that she doesn't see Brian as a boyfriend, as much as he would like to see her as girlfriend, and it's also clear she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. And it's also clear that she feels a little under pressure from other housemates to feel more for him than she does. Tough situation.

9.25 - Carole and Gerry are the two housemates that the gurus will have to choose between.

9.26 - Gerry has persuaded the twins to evict him, and Tracey, well she didn't need that much persuading. Ziggy has evicted Gerry too. Davina thinks it's "a lovely thing for Gerry to do" and it is... but he's also quite keen to look good, we know that. But kudos to him, he does seem genuinely ok about leaving.

See you in half an hour for the post-eviction interview!


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