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Big Brother Liveblog: week 11, part 2

amy_exit3.jpgThe ninth person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is...Amy! Darn it all to heck! The glamour model put her head down in disappointed shame, fought back tears, and then got topless just after her name was announced.

I'll be liveblogging the eviction show, and the boring crap in between where The Chosen One (or in Amy's case, Chosen Three) prances around putting on makeup and crying simultaneously. I'm not surprised Amy was evicted, and I don't think anyone else in the house was either. There is no way in hell the twins thought they were going home. So! On with the shooooow!

21:39 I'm watching the Big Brother "live" (5 min delay) and although I've already seen Davina evict Amy, watching it again from the "live" perspective is hilarious. The twins seem confident. Amy's laughing like,"Heh. There is no f***ing way I'm get evicted. Not when I have The Hawtness." LITTLE DID SHE KNOW.

21:43 Still waiting for the replay of the eviction on BB "live". Samanda and Liam are doing secret handshakes. Amy looks jealous. Jealous, and soon to be kicked out. Suuuuucks for her. It's sort of like watching Titanic.

21:46 Who the hell knew BB Live was so freakin' delayed.

21:50 The housemates are playing spin the bottle/truth or dare. Tis lame. But Tracey did say that if she had to go on a date with any of the boys she'd pick Brian. Intereeessstttiinnngg.

21:53 Gerry says he'd pose naked for £5,000, and that he'd give the money to charity.

amy_davina.jpg21:57 I think I may give up watching this boring pile of crap until something happens.

22:05 On the verge of calling it a night and going to bed. Carole's not even answering any questions. UGH.

22:09 Just realized I had it on live, and that my stupid Virgin V Box THING didn't switch the channel like it was supposed to. STUPID TECHNOLOGY.

22:11 Davina just told Amy to cover her privates. AHHHHAAHAHA.

22:13 Amy said she didn't watch Big Brother before. BS.

22:14 Amy swears she didn't like Liam before going into the house with "no game plan". AHAHHHAHAHAH.

22:15 Amy and Liam montage. Amy's fanning herself and laughing. She seems more likeable out of the house...so far...


22:21 I'm annoyed at how nice she seems. I still not loving her. But she seems really thankful and grateful for the experience, she didn't really bitch about anybody. *sigh* I guess she's okay. Sort of.

22:22 Davina just said,"Here are your best TITS. I mean, CLIPS." I LOVE DAVINA.

22:24 Ah. It's over. However, I have a feeling this isn't the last we've seen of Amy. I'm sure she'll have a lovely spread in Nuts next week.


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OMG dis is hilarius you cant even worjk yor tv

Posted by: **jennee**<3 | August 10, 2007 11:39 PM

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