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2pm: Big Brother Africa starting Sunday

_39194492_gaetano_pa203.jpgI promised to keep you up-to-speed with what was going on in Big Brother USA, but after following it for a little while, it's just pathetically rubbish. Even worse than our one.

So I didn't bother.

Maybe Big Brother Africa can be more interesting? Starting this Sunday, the African series is only into its second year. You may remember Gaetano from the first series -- he was the chap who swapped with Cameron way back in BB4.

This year, African journalists and personalities were given the chance to live in the house for a couple of days to see how it felt. Tashi Tagg, from iAfrica.com, was one of the lucky ones. She describes her experience here.

Little has been given away about what African viewers can expect from the new house, but one thing's for sure: It looks awesome.


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to boy, k are the dog. are all well u.

Posted by: daniel | August 6, 2007 3:30 PM

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