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Housemate of the Week: Liam

Picture%20142.pngOK, I love this guy. As Virgin Bets have now predicted, the late runner could win the day. What a little pumpkin.

He’s funny, he’s lovely, he has big ham arms but hey, I won’t hold that against him.

How he puts up with Nicky I’ll never know. Maybe one day I’ll ask him. Over a steak dinner perhaps. He deserves a lot for his ability to listen to her pointless whine without killing her. With an axe. Hm, my inner Patrick Bateman is surfacing.

Her desperate attempts to attract him are cringe worthy at the best of times. But the other day when she sat and watched him have a bath... Sicko. Sick. Sick. Sick. Leave the poor boy alone.

I’ve concluded she cannot have any friends in the real world. Any with ears or eyes at least otherwise they’d have told her how dull she is with her constant moaning and they’d brief her about her hair. And yes I did mean to use the word 'brief'.

How has she got to 26 or whatever age she is without realising that the cone head, oil slick isn’t a good look. For her face. Even Kylie couldn’t pull it off. Well, That’s a lie. She probably could.

Anyway, back to the point. Liam.

Liam has (thank God) ruled a romance with Nicky out after a chat in the Diary Room with Brian but we’ll see. Please Liam. For your sake. Don’t do it.

So, he’s a 22-year-old tree surgeon. Awwww. And a bit of a ladies man.

And, he cried when his fellow housemates gave him a bit of money. Well £100k. I might shed a tear or two. They see the ‘nice’ in him. The nation and I seem to see it too.

Some of the forums are calling him this year's Anthony Hutton. Not sure what I think about that.

What’s he done that’s pleased me so far? Well as ever, the house is full of jokers. Unfunny ones at that. The worst kind. Liam has been so humble, he’s everyone’s 'mate' in the house and happy to please – he even happily dressed up for the twin’s birthday in drag.

He deserved housemate of the week last week for, as ever, putting up with Nicky however I had to give Billi some attention before he left. Disappointed he’s gone actually. Oh well. In the words of Jim Davidson, ‘its only a game show...’

Fun fun fun at the fair. Ooh its getting tough to decide a favourite each week. Bring some more meat into the house. It’s only a matter of time. Not for Liam though, I think he's in for the long haul.

Will he win? Who knows. You decide.


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