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Brian becomes the people's favourite

brian1.jpgOver the last few weeks, I've been charting the Favourites To Win, because, well, I find it interesting. It's cool to see how fickle we are, how we react with knee-jerk speed to an argument here or a flare up there. It's hard to believe now, but at first, we thought Laura was a definite winner. Little did we know that she's actually petty, stubborn and small-minded (you're right, I don't think she's a great loss to the show).

Then Gerry came along and, dazzled by his intellect (after something of a dearth of the stuff prior to him coming into the house), we made him the favourite to win. Then we realised that Liam is an incredibly decent guy, and, remembering that decent guys nearly *always* win BB, all the money went his way. But move over guys - it's Brian's turn.

As someone who sincerely believes in the importance of a good education, my first reaction is to despair at Brian and all he represents. Surely, surely we can't allow a man who has never even heard of Romeo and Juliet to be our winner? A man who doesn't think that women defecate? But then my human side comes out, and I realise that he's funny and an all-round good guy.

My problem, though, is that there's another funny and all-round good guy in there, who also happens to know who Shakespeare is, who can correctly define the word 'prudish', and who stands up to Charley, to boot. His name's Liam, and if he does win the prize-money all over again, well he deserves it.

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I'm convinced Brian is actually a clever bloke. Him quoting Gore Vidal the other night ("Politics is showbusiness for ugly people") was a rare slip up in his stupidity act.

But that's great though. I'd love it if Brian won because he was a lovable village idiot-type hero, but then suddenly went very posh and sophisticated when he was being interviewed by Davina.

Posted by: Dave Lee | July 15, 2007 5:22 PM

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