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Big Brother Liveblog: Week 9, part 2

bb_eye.jpgSo here we are again ladies and gentlemen, here to watch Charley getting the biggest boos in BB history and a bunch of "characters" entering the Halfway House. Exciting night, huh? I got a good one this week.

Right, sit back, relax and keep hitting that refresh button. Oh, and pass the Pringles, I'm starving.

9.58 - Do we think it likely that the producers will put one, maybe two people into the Halfway House specifically to start arguments, now that Charley's gone? I'd say... yes.

9.59 - And also, do we think likely that Davina will actually give Charley a hard time, as it's clear she doesn't like her? I'd say... no.

10.00 - A look around the Halfway House - very basic, but not too shabby. Haha look at Chanelle's face! I don't believe I've ever seen her happier.

10.03 - Here comes Charley! And there are some cheers! Nah, I'm joking. It's all boos. See you after the break for the interview.

10.10 - Davina says she's never heard a crowd like it, and couldn't hear a single cheer - Charley, surprisingly saw it another way.

10.12 - Charley either has false memory syndrome about the fake eviction or she's lied about it so often that she's ended up believing it herself.

10.17 - A montage of the 'new-improved' Charley - who actually got worse, not better. She changed from someone who simply couldn't control her anger, to someone who actively stirred and manipulated.

10.18 - Once again, Charley looks shocked, but she'll have forgotten about it in five minutes, and that's her problem. At least Davina has told the audience not to applaud her behaviour.

10.21 - Charley's best bits - there's not a lot of her having fun, it must be said.

10.28 - Wow, Peaches is such a natural presenter, isn't she? Yup, that was sarcasm.

10.30 - Ooh, the new housemates are in the audience! Let's meet them.

Amy, Glamour Model. Classic.
Jonty, who still 'messes around with teddies' at the age of 36.
Shanessa, 'a nutter' - a self-professed one, i.e. the worst kind.
David, did he say he was a witch?
and Kara-Louise, the smily private school girl.

10.35 - They're in. All idiots. All "characters" in the worst sense of the word. I hate them all. Amy and Shenessa are barely wearing a stitch between them, and Jonty's got a smoking jacket on. Oh the humanity. I'm sorry, but I quite like the housemates we've got now, and it would have been really nice to see how they got on without Charley, even just for one week. Curse you Big Brother!

10.38 - David's come into the Diary Room, and the old and new housemates are watching on a screen. All five Halfway-Housemates will visit the main housemates over the weekend, who will get to choose two to stay with them.

10.39 - David's the first into the main house, and he's making a decent impression. I'd put money on him being invited to stay over a fair few of the others. David and Kara-Louise, that's my prediction.

Right, that's me done kids. What are your first impressions of the new housemates? Let us know, and we'll see ya'll soon.


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Jonty to win! hahahhaha!

Posted by: Dave Lee | July 27, 2007 10:25 PM

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