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Big Brother Liveblog: Week 9, part 1

bb_eye.jpgHey BB fans! It's Friday, and that means your weekly eviction liveblog courtesy of Available For Panto. But this is no usual eviction, now is it? For a start, it's very likely (as you'll remember from the odds we got from those guys over at Virgin Bets) that Charley will be coming out again, and for good this time. And then there's the fact that five housemates will be entering the house next door (it was meant to be six, but one got scared off by the pre-entry talk!)

So, will Charley wear more than knickers and vest this time? Will any of the new housemates be potential winners? Follow me to find out...

8.20 - I always watch this show that's on Channel 4 before BB when I'm setting up for a liveblog. It's about these thoroughly wierd people trying to by a house in Barcelona. Very odd.

8.29 - I wish that that Simpsons ident were actually good...

8.30 - The shouts of 'Get Charley Out' say it all...

8.32 - Onto the highlights. Carole's going to give one of her embarrassing talks... lovely. Oh what a surprise, Ziggy's having doubts about his relationship. 'I like the girl... I'm not gonna marry the girl.' At least he managed to speak in coherent sentences there.

8.34 - Tracey's in the Diary Room, and she realises that people might want to keep Charley in because she's Good Value. Tracey has loved her experience, she says, and is even getting a little emotional - it's clear she doesn't want to go.

8.37 - Charley, Chanelle and Ziggy stuck in a conifned space together... this can't be healthy surely? Charley says that she'll walk on Saturday if she doesn't get evicted because she's 'already made enough of an impact.' That's for sure.

8.42 - I should mention that our blogging platform is being frustratingly slow to load tonight, so sorry if your updates don't come through instantly! I'm sure there are teams of highly trained monkeys working on it as we speak.

8.46 - So we're calling the house next door The Halfway House. Apparently.

8.47 - Carole's telling Gerry to clean the floor, and Gerry's telling Carole to shut up. Just not to her face.

8.49 - Oh it's the classic 'what will happen when this is all over...' talk. Well, with a bit of the classic 'let's bitch about Charley' talk!

8.50 - The fish phone has rung! And there's a REAL LIFE AUSTRALIAN HOUSEMATE on the other end! How exciting! It's good that one of the more articulate housemates, Liam, has answered, isn't it? Haha, Brian's using it to pick up an Aussie girlfriend - good for him! Aw, Ziggy didn't get to talk to them. Well, gives him another reason to sulk, I guess.

8.55 - Sometimes I think I'm coming round to Carole, and then she picks on people for no apparent reason. She's got a mean streak.

8.56 - Charley thinks she's learnt to get along with people! Yes love.

9.02 - Do we think that Davina will whisper 'it's all panto' to Charley? Because it's not really, is it? People genuinely dislike her...

9.03 - Liam's trying to charm the twins into giving him a massage - it hasn't worked.

9.04 - Hmm this is an odd game: Brian has to work out what some noises are. So far we've heard Charley gagging at the taste of slop and Liam passing wind. Like I say - odd.

9.07 - Haha BB's torturing Charley with the sound of Ziggy and Chanelle sharing an intimate moment. They'll have Amnesty International onto them, I swear. They've passed the Name That Noise task, and as a reward, they've got toilet paper with their own faces on, as we reported eariler. BB the joker strikes again. Never one to miss an opportunity to have a dig at Charley (and who can blame him), Liam says 'Charley, can I use yours?'

9.13 - How great is it to hear Green Onions on that phone advert? Love that tune.

9.15 - My goodness, we're only on eviction 6, and there's more going in! What are they thinking?

9.17 - Gerry tries to tell the other boys that 'they might be surprised to learn that I'm one of the only experts in Bronze Age artefacts in the entire world.' They're not that surprised.

9.20 - A Carole/Ziggy heart-to-heart. This'll be a barrell of laughs.

9.24 - Charley can't understand why 'it's always her' (that the public hate), and we can't understand why she can't understand.

9.25 - Charley's coming out - oh, and she's sure that some of those boos were for Tracey as well. Such grace, that gal. Right, I'm off to find something to do for half an hour (not Star Stories, that's for sure). See you at 10pm...


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Just watched tonight's show with the new arrivals. Where did BB get these people from. Do you mean to tell us that out of all the thousands of applicants you claim apply, these are the best of the lot!! Lets see, we have big Bertha the lap dancer, (who are you kidding, there isn't a lap big enough for her). We have a guy who is either mental or has been practicing an act with his stuffed animals and hand puppets. The Scot with the kilt, swears every time he speaks the other 2 girls seem alright so far, but then again, don't know them yet.

Come on BB, you could have done better than this. What a farce. I've turned off the TV and am going for an early night.

Posted by: jean | July 28, 2007 1:21 AM

Now that Charley is gone what is the point of watching big brother, unless somebody equally entertaining is replaced, my friends and i will not bother.

Posted by: Lu | July 28, 2007 3:42 AM

Seeing the state of some of them last night, I think they could give her a run for her money


Posted by: Emma | July 28, 2007 7:27 AM

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