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Big Brother Quote of the Week: Week 3

charleygobshut.gifIn last week's "Quote Of The Week" post I wondered whether Charley would soon take the top three places - at the moment, despised as she is, she's probably the only housemate with the ability to do it. So, following another seven days of tantrums and, er, more tantrums, has she managed it? Let's have a look, shall we?

Firstly, the honourable mentions. Seany's reaction to Jonathan's entry to the house was as subtle as we've come to expect from the attention-seeking rave goon. "It's an old man! It's a really old man!" he cried with quite bewildering joy (and volume). Way to roll out the red carpet, Seany.

Then there was Brian's plea to Big Brother while in the diary room with Billi. He felt that the options for pulling were pretty poor - after all, there are only EIGHT WOMEN in there. His solution? "We need some slutty girls in 'ere!"

A zinger of Charley's was revealed during "Big Brother On The Couch", as Davina discussed the housemates' pre-entry IQ tests with one of her rent-a-shrinks: "You know New Zealand - I know it's in America, so I got that right."

Now the top 3:

3. A late entry from Gerry (oo-er, etc) arose from the bear / condom interface incident which had everybody in the country laughing except him. Turns out Gezza has a bit of a precious side, and after freeing his bear and throwing Seany's hats into the pool, he issued the chilling threat: "You will find your clothes in the oven. Let's see how you will react if I burn your leprechaun." Now, does that mean Seany employs a leprechaun as an item of clothing?

2. "They're just my mates, it's my life, you know? I mean, when I get out of the ahse, I've got, er, two mates who aren't famous. I'll probably keep them." Charley's two non-famous mates must be on the edge of their seats, praying they'll remain worthy of her company after her exit.

1. "Nando's? Nando's, I'll buy it and toss it aht the car window. It's just my life, innit?" Charley's ability to self-mythologize now places her beyond parody, and seems to grow in inverse proportion to her ability to gain any self-knowledge. If I ever see her driving through my "manor" I must remember to open my mouth. Might get me a gobful of peri-peri chicken.

So Charley nearly made it a clean sweep - if only it wasn't for that darned leprechaun getting in the way. And I think we've all had occasion to voice that sentiment at one time or another.


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You'll never beat "Now my bear smells of condom lube" Brilliant.

Posted by: Dave Lee | June 21, 2007 1:09 PM

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