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Housemate of the Week: Carole


My favourite housemate of the week has to be Carole. As predictable as it is, she is shaping up to be the nation’s favourite. And I’ll tell you why – because she’s gone in there with no pretence, she’s down to earth and she is not afraid to stand up for herself. Or make a fool of herself. In addition to all this, she seems to be a truly genuine person.

I’d categorise her with last year’s winner, Pete – she’s a bit different (in comparison with those in the house), she doesn’t care what people think, she's someone you possibly wouldn't normally be friends with and she doesn’t conform to the norm.

Davina told us on opening night how Carole dressed up as a mobile phone at a recent Scissor Sisters gig. Tears are running down my face. That is what I want to hear... And see.

Carole went in there in a big baggy t-shirt with no airs and graces, to the sounds of ‘I predict a riot’ complete with massive cheers from the usually people-hating BB crowd. She has a bun on a head and a beard on her chin.

Everyone loves a woman with a beard.

Her introductory video on opening night was endearingly honest - 53 year-old Carole is single and unemployed but does work part time for a Young Person’s Sexual Health and HIV clinic. She’s been a foster carer. When asked what to expect, she replied "I am gonna shake it something rotten and they will be shaking s***less. If people want an argument, here’s the f***ing argument!". Brilliant.

Already she’s taken a mother hen role in the house – diplomatically handling the ‘Lesley peeing in the shower’ incident with her ‘Do you want me to have a word with her...’, thus preventing Charley from shooting her mouth off yet again.

She also instantly showed a caring side for the people in the house, which isn't easily faked, telling the diary room on the first day that she doesn’t want Tracey to feel isolated. She is a friend of everyone in the house and doesn’t ‘group up' with anyone.

Her classic moments already include her breakdance ‘dance off’, her discussion with Lesley about her hairy chin and her attempt at cartwheeling across the house during Ziggy’s date with Chanelle.

Not the conventional choice to be in the house, her reasons for being in there are to use the experience to ’bring important issues to the public eye, (she) wants some excitement and to maybe find love in the house’...

We’ll have to see about the latter but whatever happens I love her wit, humour and intelligence in comparison to the pouting wannabes droning on about lipgloss.

She was the last female in, could she be the last one out?


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Abso-blimmin-lutely. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing on this earth that could beat: "Where's the argument? Here's the f*****g argument" as an opening line.

Still not over the moon that people in my office are asking if she's my 'secret' real mum though.

Posted by: Linda | June 5, 2007 7:30 PM

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